Student holding research glider under the water in a pool.

Leading Programs

Iowa is where art and science come together, creating truly unique academic experiences and endless opportunities. 

Hawkeyes built the most comprehensive medical center in the state, pioneered top-ranked programs in  speech pathology and audiology, established a space physics powerhouse that is a vital NASA partner, and have been world leaders in hydroscience for a century. 

But scientific leadership is only one part of Iowa's academic story.

Hawkeyes have shaped every artistic medium, but none more than writing. What began as a single two-year seminar grew into the most prestigious creative writing program in the U.S. Now, authors, playwrights, and screenwriters from around the globe come to Iowa City to advance their craft and launch their careers. All students can benefit from Iowa’s unparalleled resources in writing.



Pulitzer Prize-winners among faculty and alumni


Health science colleges located within walking distance of one another

Detail of hands writing and holding papers.


Iowa is the first and best academic home for writers in the U.S.
Two doctors performing surgery in operating room.


University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, one of America’s best hospitals, provides comprehensive, hands-on experience for students.
Student preparing to examine patient's ear in research office.

Communications sciences and disorders

Iowa faculty have made crucial contributions to speech pathology since 1897, leadership that continues to this day.
Student adjusts telescope on rooftop observatory.

Physics and astronomy

James Van Allen, the late Iowa faculty member and leader of the Explorer I mission, helped establish the field of space exploration.
Student launches research vessel in wav basin.


For nearly a century, Hawkeyes have played an essential role in studying our most important resource: water.
two nursing students practice techniques on artificial patient.


82% of Iowa’s nurses are Hawkeyes, having trained at one of the country’s best nursing programs. 
Pharmacy students prepare tubes in research lab.


Iowa’s Doctor of Pharmacy program is ranked among the top 20 in the U.S.
Doctor placing cords on research subject's head with scans on a monitor next to them.


The Iowa Neuroscience Institute brings together more than 100 faculty members from 26 departments to study neurological disorders.