About Iowa

The University of Iowa is one of America's premier public research universities.

Founded in 1847, it is the state's oldest institution of higher education and is located alongside the picturesque Iowa River in Iowa City.

A member of the Association of American Universities since 1909 and the Big Ten Conference since 1899, the University of Iowa is home to one of the most acclaimed academic medical centers in the country, as well as globally recognized leadership in the study and craft of writing. Iowa is known for excellence in both the arts and sciences, offering world-class undergraduate, graduate, and professional academic programs in a wide variety of fields. 



Total enrollment, Fall 2021



middle 50% range of ACT scores



Median GPA, Class of 2025

Enrollment, Fall 2021

Type of student Enrollment
Undergraduate 21,608
Graduate 6,415
Preprofessional (Doctorate) 1,886
Post-graduate training 1,297
Total 31,206

Enrollment by race/ethnicity

Race/ethnicity Enrollment count % of total
African American or Black 971 3.1%
Alaskan Native or American Indian 54 0.2%
Asian American 1,519 4.8%
Hispanic or Latinx 2,349 7.4%
International 2,103 7.8%
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander 20 0.1%
Two or more races 1,029 3.2%
White (Non-Hispanic) or Unknown Race 23,685 74.6%

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# 1

public university for "Writing in the Disciplines"


consecutive years ranked as one of the best academic hospitals in the U.S.


In pursuing its missions of teaching, research, and service, the university seeks to advance scholarly and creative endeavor through leading-edge research and artistic production; to use this research and creativity to enhance undergraduate, graduate, and professional education, health care, and other services provided to the people of Iowa, the nation, and the world; and to educate students for success and personal fulfillment in a diverse world.


Our campus shares a vision of the university's future as a "destination university," or university of first choice for students, researchers, and others.

Students want to attend an institution that is known for academic quality

Alumni want to ensure their alma mater is known for academic quality

Iowans want a world-renowned institution rooted in academic quality

Researchers and scholars want to work in an institution that is centered around academic quality

Patients want to receive quality care that is the most advanced through research conducted in an institution that is known for academic quality


We recognize that people make our institution what it is. We are committed to fostering an open and welcoming environment where all can collaborate and support each other.


We achieve excellence through recruiting, retaining, and advancing a diverse community, building an inclusive and accessible campus in which each of our unique social identities are valued, and ensuring our policies and practices are equitable and eliminate disparities.


We are committed to the highest quality of teaching and learning, research and discovery, and service and outreach. We expect the best effort from ourselves and our colleagues as we continually seek to improve.


We understand the importance of doing what is right, even when it is not easy or popular. We strive to align our words and our actions, and value the highest academic, personal, and professional ethical standards.


We believe learning permeates all that we do. Growth and development are essential to university life regardless of role, responsibility, or discipline.


We recognize the innate value of each individual. We treat people in a way that acknowledges their perspectives and experiences, fostering trust and understanding.


We strive to be dependable, trustworthy, and accountable. Through our words and actions, we endeavor to be faithful stewards of the legacies and resources entrusted to us.


18.3 %

first-generation students


1 st

public school to admit men and women on an equal basis


1 st

school to officially endorse an LGBT student group (in 1970)


For more information on University of Iowa leadership, governance, and strategic vision, visit the Office of the President's website.