University of Iowa
The University of Iowa trains more than half of Iowa’s physicians. Their preparation starts with the White Coat Ceremony, a celebrated experience in the Carver College of Medicine that intends to impress upon them the obligations inherent in the practice of medicine: to be excellent in science, to be compassionate, and to lead lives of uprightness and honor.
Will Imbus at Kinnick Stadium for an Iowa football game
A diagnosis of early onset scoliosis could have placed numerous surgeries on young Will Imbus’s calendar. But in 2015, UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital became the only hospital in Iowa to use newly available technology called the MAGEC (MAGnetic Expansion Control) Spinal Growing Rod, technology that eliminated nearly 10 surgical procedures from Will’s treatment.
university of iowa graduate megan lough during a study abroad experience in eswatini
The multiple study abroad experiences completed by recent University of Iowa nursing graduate Megan Lough shaped her career prospects—and her outlook on life.
University of Iowa alumnus Bret Schafbuch at Lego
Alumnus Bret Schafbuch’s experiences at the University of Iowa—specifically, the chance to study abroad—laid the foundation for a successful career at the iconic toy company’s headquarters in Denmark.
university of iowa stead family children's hospital patient and kid captain harper stribe posing in hawkeye jersey
A decade of Kid Captains highlights the special bond between University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital and the football team that plays right across the street.
From river to river, the University of Iowa and its alumni provide expertise in areas as varied as health care, education, law, and business.
Office of Outreach and Engagement tour of the city with  community partners, Shelley Oltmans, Keokuk Area Chamber of Commerce Director, and  Kira Kruszynski, Marketing & Membership Coordinator for the Keokuk Area Chamber of Commerce.
After finishing an award-winning comprehensive plan, Keokuk will become the 2019–20 community partner of the Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities. The partnership with the University of Iowa organization will help with community revitalization efforts and offer Iowa students real-world learning experiences.
Dorotea Orgovanyi, 11, her father, Gabor, and mother, Janel, are pictured outside University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital on Wednesday, June 26, 2019.
When a preemie was born at 26 weeks’ gestation in a small Iowa hospital in 2007, the odds were against her survival. An ice storm prevented emergency transportation from transferring her to a better-equipped facility. But it didn’t stop two University of Iowa doctors from heeding the call for help.
Anya Kim
University of Iowa graduate Anya Kim studied the past academic year in Spain on a Fulbright scholarship. The Indianola High School graduate will pursue a joint medical and doctoral degree at Johns Hopkins University beginning in fall 2019.
university of iowa physics and astronomy faculty member Craig Kletzing at the front of a classroom
For more than 20 years, physicist Craig Kletzing has flourished as a researcher at the University of Iowa, where his work using rockets and satellites to learn about Earth’s auroras has yielded an astounding contract award from NASA. Iowa also offered Kletzing the opportunity to teach a wide range of physics courses—a source of personal reward he wasn’t guaranteed elsewhere.
brady jorgensen, a patient at university of iowa stead family children's hospital, holds a certificate of completion
Brady Jorgensen of Council Bluffs, Iowa, was diagnosed with a brain tumor before his first birthday. When the tumor came back after treatment, Brady's family turned to specialists at University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital for help—and hope. 
university of iowa alumna tanna frederick
Actress and environmentalist Tanna Frederick headed to Hollywood with much more than a suitcase and her ambitions. She kicked off her career in Los Angeles with the confidence to pursue projects she is passionate about, both on and off screen, thanks to her education at the University of Iowa.
the sculpture court in the university of iowa museum of art in 1969, featuring Pollock's Mural
Every Iowan in a sense owns masterpieces by the likes of Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso, Joan Mitchell, and Henri Matisse, as well as ancient artifacts from across the globe. Fifty years ago, those publicly owned works of art found a home in a new museum on the Iowa River. Soon, they’ll move into a groundbreaking facility built for a new era of museums and generation of art lovers.
university of iowa alumnus alexander rubinow has won an emmy for his work on the show Deadliest Catch
Alexander Rubinow has a talent for telling fish tales—and not those harmless embellishments passed down through generations. The University of Iowa graduate is an editor on the Discovery Channel’s hit series “Deadliest Catch,” and he has an Emmy to show for it.
university of iowa student jordan kohlmeyer in her research laboratory
Molecular medicine PhD student Jordan Kohlmeyer is researching new therapies for malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors, which are deadly, resistant to drug therapies, and often unable to be operated upon due to their location.
university of iowa alumna megan ranegar holds up a yelp icon
Call her a matchmaker. As a senior community manager at Yelp in Los Angeles, University of Iowa alumna Megan Ranegar works with local businesses and users of the popular website and mobile app to create lasting and harmonious relationships.
After their students’ years of study, family and friends gather to celebrate a major achievement.
Jake Stone is heading to the Baltimore Orioles organization after graduation. He says this was made possible by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the University of Iowa’s Sport and Recreation Management Program and his work with the Hawkeye baseball team.
University of Iowa graduate Mikaela Mallin in the laboratory
What do zebrafish and dance in the 1940s have in common? Both have been the objects of research by University of Iowa student Mikaela Mallin.
It did not take long for Fredrick Cherry Jr. to feel at home at the University of Iowa. Once here, he flourished under the tutelage of mentors, and has helped groom the next generation of people to do the same things that he has had the opportunity to do.
Nicci Ledbetter earned a Juris Doctorate and Master of Arts in Philosophy at the same time, while also raising two young children and serving in the Iowa Air Force National Guard. She heads to a central Iowa law firm with a message for her clients: no obstacle is insurmountable.
Josh Larson was attracted to the University of Iowa by a folder filled with space goodies. The Mount Pleasant, Iowa, native graduates in May after finding a passion for plasma physics and building his own experiment for students.
Portrait of University of Iowa graduate Emma Keefe
University of Iowa business analytics student Emma Keefe used all the resources the university has to offer to figure out what she wanted to do. It culminated with a job offer in the Twin Cities, which she accepted, with one caveat: she wanted to work in Iowa, a state she loves.
University of Iowa graduating senior Jesse Cochran looks away from his work for a photograph
University of Iowa graduate Jesse Cochran learned a lot while conducting research in a UI lab, and not just about heart disease. He found a model of professionalism and a newfound appreciation for discovery that’s redefining his health care career path.
caleb helland and his mother cassie in their home
When the delivery of Caleb Helland’s epilepsy medication was delayed, his mother reached out to UI Health Care Specialty Pharmacy Services, which promptly created a new batch and worked with the Iowa State Patrol to get the medication to the family’s Mason City home that same evening.
university of iowa alumna lauren palmer rehabilitates seals as part of her work with marine mammals
As the attending veterinarian at a marine mammal hospital in Los Angeles, University of Iowa alumna Lauren Palmer aims to rehabilitate and release sick or injured animals—and to help educate people about the ocean’s ecosystem.
isaiah scales at fox
A successful stint at 20th Century Fox was set into motion for Isaiah Scales when he was a University of Iowa student—by a fellow Hawkeye.
Brittany Williams portrait
Neuroscience doctoral candidate Brittany Williams loves conducting research, work that she likens to solving a complex puzzle. Through the support of mentors and the welcoming environment at the University of Iowa, she hopes to help those who have visual impairments.
university of iowa alumna luisa caldwell shown amid her artwork
University of Iowa alumna and artist Luisa Caldwell spent part of her childhood in Iowa and vowed to return for college. She did, and years later returns again to the place where she truly became inspired as an artist.
University of Iowa student Eric Ortiz in the lab
A childhood diagnosis of diabetes helped cement Eric Ortiz’s desire to work in health care. After years of seeking medical treatment at the University of Iowa, he eventually enrolled as a premed student. Now, the biology major is researching the disease and is poised to pursue a career in public health.
university of iowa student marco nino in the lab
Marco Nino wants to develop a medical device that will save lives. The University of Iowa senior says his course work in biomedical engineering and experience working in a campus neuroanatomy lab are preparing him to do just that.
University of Iowa doctoral student Michael Redmond posing near a busy street
Travelers, take heed: A University of Iowa doctoral student is researching the reliability of itineraries that involve multiple modes of travel, identifying the easiest way to get from points A to C by going through B.
two university of iowa students at the african american cultural center, or the afro house
The African American Cultural Center, born in the late 1960s out of black students’ desire for a place to call their own on a predominantly white campus, continues to prove a valuable resource for black students at the University of Iowa, at a time when UI leaders and students recognize that many of the issues that prompted its creation still exist.
University of Iowa alumnus Michael Nauman at Microsoft, where he works as a consultant
University of Iowa alumnus Michael Nauman wanted to work for a company where he could have a positive impact on others. At IT giant Microsoft, he does just that.
Michelle McCarthy, University of Iowa alumna, posing for a portrait in front of a United Airlines mural
University of Iowa alumna Michelle McCarthy is using her business expertise to help United Airlines improve the experience of its customers by better equipping the company’s flight attendants.
At 25 years old, University of Iowa Dance Marathon has become one of the largest college philanthropies in the country—and it is starting to have a significant impact on the race to cure and prevent pediatric cancer.
Take a look back at the memorable moments of 2018, a year where the university made great strides in teaching, research, and service.
Pivot Bio co-founder and University of Iowa graduate Karsten Temme in a cornfield
Karsten Temme, who received bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the UI College of Engineering, is the co-founder of Pivot Bio, a startup that is on the verge of revolutionizing agriculture by offering farmers a new crop nutrition tool for corn.
University of Iowa graduate Jordan Loperena in the Big Ten Network studio
Work as a student broadcaster led University of Iowa alumnus Jordan Loperena to his dream job at the Big Ten Network.
Receiving a diploma signals both an ending and a beginning.
University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine microbiology lab
The University of Iowa’s strategic plan calls on the university to perform high-impact research and to provide a transformative academic experience that educates all UI students to be engaged citizens. Hundreds of faculty and staff at Iowa are quietly and busily teaching students to be inquisitive and to strive for discovery.
woman in a wooded setting with artwork displayed
Visual artist and Iowa alumna Anne Beffel encourages more generous and empathetic interactions among neighbors and strangers through publicly engaged art performances and installations. A vibrant collection of hers now hangs at her alma mater, a place that satisfied her need for a creative and intellectual community and influenced her career path.
saving brinton imagery
In 2018, University of Iowa graduates shattered records at the box office and, with the lauded documentary “Saving Brinton,” are hearing Academy Award buzz. Hawkeyes are not outsiders in Hollywood; after all, UI grads have been making an impact since the days of Willy Wonka and the Starship Enterprise.
noah fant celebrates a touchdown with a teammate
The University of Iowa's 2018 halftime commercial spotlights our commitment to excellence and service in our academic and athletic pursuits.
Kristen Beck
At Facebook, University of Iowa graduate Kristen Beck works across different platforms and cultures to help clients reach goals.
Hawkeye to VIking
A small but loyal contingent of University of Iowa graduates populates the administration of the Minnesota Vikings. Working for the NFL team gives them an opportunity to bond—and to use their education in areas like law, ancient civilization, physical education, and business to help the organization thrive.
Anton Jones
By writing and producing dramatic productions to perform for schoolchildren, University of Iowa playwriting graduate Anton Jones aims to make the world a better place one audience at a time.
map showing where the four art students are doing their research
Creative and research pursuits take graduate students in the University of Iowa School of Art and Art History near and far.
UI alumnus Joe Dwello sitting in seats at Washington Nationals ballpark
UI alumnus Joe Dellwo is the director of ticket sales for Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game host Washington Nationals, and he’s working to make sure the July 17 game runs smoothly.
Bridget Coughlin
Bridget Coughlin says her biochemistry education and training at the University of Iowa gave her the tools necessary to run one of the largest aquariums in the world—and fed her passion for science.
Jeffrey Lynch
As a pediatric ophthalmologist in St. Paul, Minnesota, Jeffrey Lynch sees as many as 40 patients a day. As the CEO and founder of an online eyeglass-recycling service called ReSpectacle, he has helped improve the vision of more than 30,000 people in underserved communities around the world.
Daily Iowan budget meeting photo illustration
The University of Iowa campus has had a student-produced newspaper since 1868. Not only do the student staff members have opportunities many colleges can’t provide, their work has earned multiple honors and awards throughout the years, placing the paper among the best in the country. 
Typewriter key detail
The UI is home to many renowned programs for aspiring writers and is a place where all students are afforded opportunities to improve their writing or weave it into their studies.
Decorated graduation cap with TigerHawk logo
Check out the stats for this graduating group, and take a closer look at nine names in the crowd to learn about their time at Iowa and their plans for the future.
Aaron Boes neurologist at the University of Iowa
Aaron Boes brings expertise in noninvasive brain stimulation from Harvard University to the University of Iowa.
University of Iowa students participate in an Alternative Spring Break project in St. Louis
University of Iowa "alternative spring break" teams fanned out across the United States to address issues of importance.
Jim Dower standing on soccer pitch with Chicago skyline in background
What started with 12 Chicago schoolkids playing soccer has grown into a sports-based youth development organization that serves some 17,000 students in 57 schools across the city. University of Iowa graduate Jim Dower says his nonprofit, Urban Initiatives, uses sport to engage students and help them build leadership skills.
Krista Ellensohn standing outside Hubbard Street Dance Company in Chicago
A summer spent helping manage Hubbard Street Dance Chicago’s finances turned into a full-time job for Krista Ellensohn after she graduated from the University of Iowa. And she still dances.
Richard Lariviere portrait
UI graduate Richard Lariviere says there is much more to Chicago’s iconic natural history museum than what its 1.5 million annual visitors see when they visit. Behind the scenes is the work of some 150 scientists, many of whom travel the world to conduct research.
students at andoya space center
University of Iowa undergraduates Hannah Gulick and Josh Larson took part in an intensive, international science program to design, build, and fly a sounding rocket.
child giving high-five at dance marathon
Students dance for 24 hours. They inspire patients, families, researchers, and one another well beyond that single day.
Student in the Department of Physics and Astronomy works on an augmented-reality sandbox where users can design their own universe and then watch how gravity affects an object as it travels through the imagined environment.
The NSF-funded augmented-reality sandbox, dubbed “Gravbox,” is the first interactive system of its kind to be used for astrophysics.
Measuring brain waves photo
The Iowa Neuroscience Institute is primed to make discoveries about humans’ most complex organ—and end debilitating diseases.
Take a look back at the memorable moments of the past year, one where the university made great strides in teaching, research, and service.
Some 1,400 UI students spent a December weekend saying farewell to classwork, studying, and treks across campus.
dance gala 2017 performance
The works of five members of the UI’s highly acclaimed dance faculty were brought to life by their students on the Hancher Auditorium stage.
Floyd of Rosedale statue
Only one team can leave the Iowa-Minnesota football game with a bronze pig. Here's the story behind the beloved trophy.
woman painting
Get a sneak peek at the university's halftime ad
student in virtual soldier environment
University of Iowa students tackle research challenges using the latest virtual technology.
galactic center image
Since the 1950s, the University of Iowa has given undergraduates the opportunity to work with top space scientists.
Jonny Cole smiles as he tests out the assistive device that allows him to better ride a bicycle. Alicia Truka, one of the four biomedical engineering students who designed the device, follows Jonny as he rides
Born without most of his right arm, Jonny Cole couldn’t ride a bike. Four UI undergrads in the Department of Biomedical Engineering created a device that lets the Cedar Rapids boy ride with confidence.
detail of bicycle
The University of Iowa's unique bike-building classes combining art and engineering set the worldwide standard.
three undergraduates sitting in research facility
In University of Iowa research labs, students learn life lessons and contribute to scientific discovery.
student in india
The award-winning India Winterim program matches University of Iowa undergradates with India’s best organizations.
visual arts building exterior at night
The Visual Arts Building provides UI students with perfect place for expression and exploration.