Mission Statement: Shared Services implementation will create highly trained staff who will provide financial services in an efficient and accurate manner, reducing administrative costs, minimizing redundancies and improving quality across campus.


The goals of University Shared Services are to:

  • Develop transaction experts which will result in higher accuracy, less rework and less risk.
  • Allow departments and faculty to focus on their mission and spend less time handling transactions.
  • Create dedicated customer representatives.
  • Provide improved knowledge and expertise to campus.
  • Ensure cross-training of staff and natural backup support.
  • Decrease errors and compliance risk.

Transactional services for University Shared Services include:

  • procurement card reconciliation
  • travel expense vouchers
  • procurement requisitions
  • ebuy requisitions
  • e-vouchers
  • cash deposits
  • request for travel
  • procurement card purchases

University Shared Services will be a virtual centralized department of transaction experts, with staff located close to their customers in colleges and units. University Shared Services will measure and monitor outcomes against FileKey Performance Indicators (KPIs)to ensure improved timeliness, quality and service.

Implementation timeline: 2015 - 2018


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