How to report a concern regarding bias, discrimination or harassment:

To report a concern:

  1. Visit the Diversity at Iowa website, and click the "Report a Concern" option under "Contact" or visit the Report a Concern page directly.
  2. Fill out the form, including your name, email, and concern.

Please note: Generally concerns reported to the form are routed to the Complaint Investigations Unit (CIU), a division of the Office for Equal Opportunity and Diversity, unless the concern is outside of their realm. If the concern falls outside of their realm it is directed to the appropriate office. Once the concern has been determined to be related to the CIU area, one of the CIU team members will reach out to the individual who completed the form to connect them to resources and/or offer them the opportunity to meet with one of the team members to learn more about the complaint process. The CIU does not disclose the content of the form to others outside of their office unless there is a legitimate business reason for doing so or there is a safety concern, meaning submission of a concern via this form is not confidential.