Where can I find information about changing University of Iowa records, legal name and gender changes, or email address updates?

Where can I find information about living on campus as a trans student?

Visit the "living on campus"" page to learn more. 

Where can I find a gender-inclusive restroom? 

A list of single-user, gender-inclusive restrooms on the University of Iowa campus is available here: Download a printable map of single-user restrooms

How do I report a concern?

Visit the report a concern page to learn about options for reporting a concern to the University of Iowa.

What does someone mean when they tell me they are transgender? 

When someone identifies as transgender or trans their gender identity differs from the sex they were assigned at birth. Gender identity is a person’s internal, personal sense of being a man, a woman, androgynous, or outside of the man or woman gender binary. GLAAD has a Transgender FAQ that discusses this further. The Identity Terminology section of this webpage provides a description of a) preferred name; b) sex; c) gender; and d) pronouns of reference. To learn more about gender identity, training opportunities are available through the Chief Diversity Office’s LGBTQ Safe Zone Project.

 Who do I contact with questions?