The Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award (EURA) is given annually to five undergraduate students to recognize outstanding accomplishments in scholarly investigation, artistic creation, or performance at the University of Iowa. 

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EURA Winners

The Award

Each year, the Office of the Vice President for Research sponsors up to five Excellence in Undergraduate Research Awards undergraduate students involved in research/creative work at the University of Iowa.  Students from all areas of study, research, and creative work are equally eligible to receive the EURA.  Each EURA award comes with the following benefits:

  • A $1,000 scholarship to attend a professional development program or event. (This could include: travel to give conference presentations, perform or exhibit work, attend a summer performance workshop, etc.)

  • Receive an ICRU Fellowship for their choice of the upcoming summer or academic year.

  • Be recognized at the Vice President for Research and Economic Development’s annual Celebration of Excellence in Research dinner in April.

Eligibility and Application

Students must be of sophomore or junior standing AND be returning to the UI as an undergraduate the next academic year.  Applicants must complete and submit the electronic application form found in the above link by the established due date.  Required materials include:

  • Resume or CV, to be attached as a PDF document titled CVYYYY_FirstnameLastname
  • A 300-1000-word response to the following prompt, to be attached as a PDF document titled EURAYYYY_FirstnameLastname:
    • Provide an overview of the work that you (as the student) have been involved in. Please highlight the contribution of  this work to your discipline of study and the role you played in the initiation or development of this work. Include your plans to use the award.
  • Faculty support letter
    • Faculty are required to submit their support letter via the above link.
    • Support letters should detail what qualifies you, as the nominated student, to receive this award.
  • Optional supplemental materials, if desired.
    • Examples: Artistic portfolios (max. 12 pieces of work), videos of performances (max. 3 minutes), scholarly articles, etc.
    • Materials can be submitted online or dropped off at the ICRU office - 401 Blank Honors Center.  Materials will be returned, if requested.
    • If you have questions regarding optional supplemental materials, please contact the ICRU office.