Horn Players

Want to know who players where? Check Horn Section Listings - it currently lists 1919 members of orchestral horn sections in 71 countries worldwide, "from Albania to Yugoslavia!" See also the links to horn section personnel given by Music Chairs.

Horns Across America - a blog by Jessie Pinkham that is an honors project at the U of Cincinnati Honors College.

Horn Profiles is a new site; not many profiles listed as yet, but it promises to be a place where people can locate horn players and teachers worldwide.

Check out "Performers" from Kayla Nelson's hornhistory.com site - this timeline gives birth & death dates, and micro-bios for many famous horn players in history. Brief notes, but a comprehensive list of important historical players, mostly of the 18th and 19th centuries.

The IHS site has a list of Past Great Players with short bios.

Principals of Major American Orchestras - Scroll down a bit to #4 to find links to lists of all the horn players (as well as every other instrument) and principal horn players in these orchestras: Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Metropolitan Opera, St. Louis, San Francisco.

Click here for an extended list of Famous Horn Players.

See also Wikipedia's List of Horn Players (and you can add to it!)

Look at the bottom of the page for the list of Famous People Who Were Also Horn Players

Dennis Brain (1921-1957) Wikipedia article on D.B. Time magazine article "Young Man with a Horn", July 6, 1953
The greatest of them all. Check out the Dennis Brain discography and the review of Robert Marshall’s book “Dennis Brain on Record." Video (YouTube) of Dennis Brain discussing and then performing the Beethoven Sonata Op. 17, part 1; and Part 2.

Giovanni Punto
Born Jan Václav Stich (1746-1803), he was one of most famous horn virtuosi in the The Golden Age of the (hand) Horn, 1750-1830. Wikipedia article on Punto.

Joseph Ignaz Leutgeb (1745-1811)
We all owe Leutgeb (pronounced Leitgeb in Viennese dialect) an immeasurable vote of thanks - it was for him that Mozart wrote all his great works for horn.

Franz Strauss (1822-1905) [IHS bio]
Father of Richard Strauss. F.S. was the most famous hornist in Germany in the 19th century. There are many great stories about the man, especially concerning his run-ins with Wagner & Co. Check out the photo’s of his horn, before restoration and after. Also his mouthpiece. Free scores to 3 of his pieces available at IMSLP.

Barry Tuckwell
Australian Tuckwell has had a long and brilliant career as an orchestral horn player (13 years as principal horn of the London Symphony Orchestra) and virtuoso soloist. He is the most-recorded horn player ever. Listen to the 31 min. podcast interview: "A Life with French Horn." There is also a feature on him in the Live Performance Australia Hall of Fame.

Alan Civil (1929-1989)
Distinguished British hornist who became principal of the Philharmonia when Dennis Brain died in an auto accident in 1957. Spent many years as principal of the BBC Symphony Orchestra. Many solo appearances and recordings (including the Beatles' Revolver). See also “Horn Solo/Beatles” in Performances.

Hermann Baumann
Baumann has been an eminent virtuoso and teacher since he won First Prize in the prestigious Munich competition in 1964, on valve horn, natural horn, and corno da caccia.

Philip Farkas (1914-1992)
The godfather of horn playing and teaching in America (depicted here playing a Vienna horn...), author of The Art of Playing the French Horn.

Frøydis Ree Wekre
Frøydis - that's all you need to say and everyone knows who you mean: one of the greatest horn players and teachers of all time.

Valery Polekh
Article by Y. Usov about the great Russian hornist for whom the Gliére Concerto was written.

Frank Lloyd
Warning: your jaw is in danger of becoming unhinged when you hear him play! Effortless, beautiful, musical, astounding playing!

Peter Damm
Site of one the great horn players of our time. Vita, discography, publications, instruments, editions, contact, links, news.

Ifor James
Dedicated to the memory of the brilliant and fun-loving British hornist Ifor James. See his instructional YouTube videos here.

Radovan Vlatkovic - Croatian-born R.V. can charm you with his extraordinary musicality and supernatural technique and he is equally charming and fluent in interviews in Croatian, English (he lived in Wisconsin from age 6 to 8), Spanish, German, and probably a couple more. A man of the world and for all musical seasons!

John Clark
Hidden Meaning Music is the home page of ace jazz horn player and composer John Clark. Includes his catalog of compositions for sale, events, photos, and resumé.

Tom Varner
Tom has been playing terrific jazz on horn for decades. Bio, performances, recordings, awards, Q&A, links. Here's an NPR interview with him.


Greene, Grady Joel, Jr. “Louis François Dauprat: His Life and Works.” D.D.E. diss., University of Northern Colorado, 1970.  UMI# 71-14526.

Online Bio articles:

Past Great Players - brief bios of selected horn teachers and players of the past: F.A. Borsdorf, Dennis Brain, F. Gumpert, J.I. Leutgeb, Lewy Brothers, G. Punto, K. Stiegler, F. Strauss, Emil Wipperich.

Domenico Ceccarossi

James Chambers - James Chambers was principal of the NY Philharmonic for many years; he was also an editor of many classical pieces for horn and had series of orchestral excerpts published by International. This is a YouTube video; the audio is Chambers playing a Corelli transcription; the video consists of a succession of snapshots of Chambers.

Vince DaRosa

Stefan Dohr

Josef Franzl

Friedrich Gumpert

Eric Hauser

Anton Horner - audio recording from the first IHS workshop in 1969. Interview with Horner by James Chambers.

Mason Jones

Wilhelm Lanzky-Otto

Valeri Polekh - and the history of the Glière Concerto, by Y. Usov

David Pyatt

Verne Reynolds

Gunther Schuller - “Man of Many Music Careers” - article in the Wall Street Journal

Lowell Shaw

Jaime Sommerville

Franz Strauss

Karl Stiegler (1876-1932)

Michael Thompson

Radovan Vlatkovic

Richard Watkins

Horn Player Personal Web Sites:

David Amram

Radek Baborak

Thomas Bacon

Konstantin Becker

Ron Boerger

Javier Bonet

Aaron Brask

Andrew Clark

John Cerminaro

Stefan Dohr

Pip Eastop

Eli Epstein

Nury Guarnaschelli

Anthony Halstead

Sören Hermansson

Jim Irwin

David Johnson

Julia Klingel

William Klingelhoffer

John MacDonald

Ricardo Matosinhos

Bill Melton

Jacek Muzyk

Wendell Rider

Willie Ruff

Bruno Schneider

Anneke Scott

Richard Seraphinoff

Michelle Stebleton

Peter Steidle

Mark Taylor

Michael Thompson

Tim Thorpe

Rick Todd

Kerry Turner

Adam Unsworth

Bill VerMeulen

Radovan Vlatkovic

Robert Ward

Gail Williams

Sarah Willis

Famous People Who Weren't Known as Hornists, but Also [allegedly] Played the Horn (at some time or other)

[thanks to all those on the Yahoo Horn List who contributed names]

Ewan McGregor (actor)
John Entwistle (bass guitarist with The Who)
Chuck Todd (White House correspondent)
Gabrielle Giffords (U.S. Congresswoman)
Debbie Reynolds (actor)
Johannes Brahms
Jon Stewart (host of the Daily Show)
Samuel L. Jackson (actor)
Holly Hunter (actor)
Arthur C. Brooks (professor, author of "Gross National Happiness" and "Who Really Cares")
David Ogden Stiers (actor of M.A.S.H. fame)
Carl Teike (19th c. German march composer)
Vanessa Williams (actor, Miss America)
Werner Klemperer (actor - Hogan's Heros)
Cartman (cartoon character from South Park)
Stewie (cartoon character from Family Guy)
Laura L. Kiessling (prof. of Chemistry and Biochemistry at U of Wisconsin, known for protein-saccharide research)
Norman Pickering (designer of phonograph cartridges)
Milt Kamen (comedian)
Anna Russell (comedienne)
John Edwards (U.S. Senator)
Kim Philby (English/Russian double agent)
Otto Graham (NFL quarterback)
Andrew Young (former UN Ambassador and mayor of Atlanta)
Jon Bon Jovi (Rock star)
Max Cleland (U.S. Senator)
Alexandre Haussmann (actor)
Philippe Haussmann (actor)
Callista Gingrich (wife of Republican politician Newt Gingrich)

Famous Horn Players

Famous Horn Players

• =IHS Honorary Members (highest award of the International Horn Society awarded to living members for highest lifetime achievements)

Alessio Allegrini
David Amram
•Paul Anderson
Jean Désiré Artôt
•Jerome Ashby
Thomas Bacon
•Georges Barboteu
•John Barrows
Paul Basler
•Hermann Baumann
Luigi Belloli
Roland Berger
Kendall Betts
Arthur Berv
Richard Bissill
Myron Bloom
Javier Bonet
Friedrich Adolph Borsdorf
•Daniel Bourgue
Alfred Brain
Aubrey Brain
Dennis Brain
Jozef Brejza
•Bernhard Brüchle
•Vitali Bujanowsky
Gregory Cass
•Domenico Ceccarossi
John Cerminaro
•James Chambers
Vincent Chancey
•Kaoru Chiba
•Alan Civil
John Clark
Dale Clevenger
•Peter Damm
Louis François Dauprat
•James Decker
•Vincent DeRosa
Stefan Dohr
Frederich Domnich
Sergej Dovgaliuk
Louis Dufresne
Frederic Duvernoy
Pip Eastop
•Philip Farkas
•Holger Fransman
Gottfried von Freiberg
Friedrich Gabler
Jacques François Gallay
Michel Garcin-Marrou
Randy Gardner
•Carl Geyer
John Graas
Lowell Greer
Friedrich Gumpert
Martin Hackleman
Anthony Halstead
Johannes Hampel
•Michael Hatfield
Sören Hermansson
•Max Hess
•Douglas Hill
•Herbert Holtz
•Michael Höltzel
•Anton Horner
•Wendell Hoss
•Fritz Huth
Günter Högner
Michael Höltzel
•Marvin Howe
Gregory Hustis
•Fritz Huth
•Antonio Iervolino
Bruno Jaenicke
•Ifor James
•Kurt Janetzky
Hermann Jeurissen
David Johnson
David Jolley
•Mason Jones
Andrew Joy
J. J. Kenn
Richard King
Henri Adrien Louis Kling
Arvid Klishans
Georg Kopprasch
•David Krehbiel
Peter Kurau
•Ib Lanzky-Otto
•Wilhelm Lanzky-Otto
•Walter Lawson
•Edmond Leloir
•Christopher Leuba
Joseph Ignaz Leutgeb
Eduard Constantin Lewy
Joseph Rudolf Lewy
•Frank Lloyd
Debra Luttrell
Sibylle Mahni-Haas
•Paul Mansur
Michel Garcin Marrou
Louis-Philippe Marsolais
John McDonald
•Harold Meek
Pierre-Joseph-Emile Meifred
Richard Merewether
•Ethel Merker
•Ingbert Michelsen
•Richard Moore
•Reginald Morley-Pegge
Thomas Müller
Jacek Muzyk
Philip Myers
Jeff Nelsen
Marie Luise Neunecker
David Ohanian
Francis Orval
Robert Paxman
•Erich Penzel
Karl Pituch
•Hans Pizka
•Valery Polekh
•Max Pottag
Giovanni Punto
William Purvis
Charles Putnam
David Pyatt
•Verne Reynolds
Eugene Rittich
Donna Dolson Roath
•Willie Ruff
•William C. Robinson
Eric Ruske
•Lorenzo Sansone
Bruno Schneider
•Gunther Schuller
•Norman Schweikert
Bernhard Scully
Gert Seifert
Laszlo Seemann
Richard Seraphinoff
Josef Schantl
Arkady Shilkloper
James Sommerville
•James Stagliano
Thaddäus Steinmüller
Karl Stiegler
•Louis Stout
Lars-Michael Stransky
Franz Strauss
James Thatcher
•Lucien Thévet
David Thompson
Michael Thompson
Virginia Thompson
Richard Todd
Wolfgang Tomboeck
•Barry Tuckwell
Kerry Turner
Johannes Türrschmidt
Bedrich Tylsar
Zdenek Tylsar
Adam Unsworth
•Willem Valkenier
Radovan Vlatkovic
Bob Ward
Richard Watkins
Joan Watson
•Frøydis Ree Wekre
Gail Williams
Geoffrey Winter
•James Winter
Emil Wipperich
Anton Wunderer
Tom Varner
William Vermeulen
Milan Yancich
Paul van Zelm
Szabolcs Zempléni
John Zirbel
Zbigniew Zuk