2017 will be Isaac Anderson's third season as the Drum Major of the Hawkeye Marching Band. He is a 2013 graduate of Davenport Central High School where he performed under the direction of Alex Wilga. Isaac is a Music Education major with a minor in Military Science/Army ROTC. His primary instrument is trombone and studies with Dr. Jonathan Allen.  Isaac served as the SEIBA representative of Collegiate Student Affairs and has worked for Davenport Central as a marching band technician for two seasons. He performed in the trombone section of the Hawkeye Marching Band for two years.  Isaac has played in Symphony Band, Concert Band, Jazz Repertory Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra, and Trombone Choir. Isaac is a Dean's List student. He was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army in May of 2017. Isaac has completed four seasons with the Colts Drum and Bugle Corps and is an Eagle Scout.


Former Drum Majors of the Hawkeye Marching Band

2012-2014 Quentin Marquez
2009-2011  Joe Piasecki
2007-2008  Chet Aliga
2005-2006  Jason Hillenbrand
2003-2004  Dameon Place
1999-2002  Pres Maxson
1996-1998  Chad Smith
1994-1995  Charlie Taylor
1992-93  Eric Hojka
1990-91  David Bowman
1988-89  Jeff Sebille
1986-87  David Lang
1984-1985  John Gilbert
1983  Jim Purviance
1981-1982  David Woodley
1980  Doug Dederich
1978-1979  John Nelles
1974-1977  Doug Dederich
1973  Vern Windsor
1970-72  Tom Leslie, Steve Murphy
1968-69  John Gillenwater
1967 Vince Paxcia
1965 Bill Parisi
1962-64 Gerald Kesler, Bill Parisi
1961 Gerald Kesler
1958-60  Robert Glover
1957 Jack Glover, Robert Glover
1956 Jack Glover
1955 Ron Chesmore, Jack Glover
1954 Bob Clarke
1953  Jean Hedgelund, Nathan Ottens
1952 Rollie Bridge, Ray Bierschbach
1951  Theodore P. Stecher, Malcolm K. Westley
1950 Nate Ottens, Carmen Bonnacci
1948  Charles W. McKinley, Arno F. Kapper
1947  Daylon E. McConkay, Charles W. McKinley
1946 John Du Mont
1944  Charles Hudson
1940  Jean Hedlund, James Burnside
1939  Jean Hedlund, Parley Wellstead
1937 Douglas Brookes, Pat Clemmensen, Parley Wellstead
1928 Floyd E. Barber
1925-26 Ernest H. Gerdes
1924 John A. Phillips
1923 R. J. Dushinske
1919 Joe Benge
1914 _____ Smith
1912-13 Guy W. Taylor
1910-11 Harvey W. Miner
1909 Walter T. Gutz
1906-97 J. E. Burgy
1905 A. C. Wallace
1903 R.V. Mills
1902 W. L. Baughn
1900 Frederick Henry Luhman
1899 Charles Goettsch
1892 H.C. Ring
1891 Charles Dutcher
1890 Milton I. Powers
1887 Don Love

Doug Dederich, HMB Drum Major - 1975

Above: Doug Dederich, 1975

Our Hawkeye Marching Band Drum Majors train at the Smith-Walbridge Clinics.

(HMB alums: e-mail Kevin Kastens with the names of former HMB drum majors so we can expand this list!)