Is there a different order form that we are to fax to General Stores?

No, please continue using the same form; please include your Praxair account number.

Do we still fill in the MFK number?

Yes, complete the form in its entirety.

Where are we noting the account number, if it's even needed on the form?

Write your Praxair account number on top of the form.

Will this be changing in the future to web ordering?

Phase II will provide departments the ability to place orders through eBuy.

How do I make changes to the account?

Contact Praxair staff:

How do I set up any additional accounts I might need in the future?

Contact Praxair staff:

What time should orders be placed for next day delivery?

Orders need to be placed with General Stores by 2:00 p.m.

Who should be called for after hours or emergency orders?

Contact Praxair at 319-363-2156.