Accounts Payable

Audits and processes invoices and payments

Business Manager

Negotiates contracts; reviews and signs agreements with outside agencies and providers of goods and services; provides capital business docket.

Central Receiving

Receives items shipped to the University, delivers them to campus locations at no charge to departments.

Laundry Services

Provides, launders, repairs, picks up, and delivers garments, hospitality, institutional, and dust control products; offers consultation services.

General Stores

Provides custodial supplies, paper, softener salt, dry ice, and gas cylinders; manages office supplier contract.

Mailing Services

Distributes incoming and outgoing campus mail; provides bulk mailing services; offers metering, ink-jet addressing, inserting and tabbing.

Printing Services

Produces documents through digital and offset printing; manages printing vendor bids; operates Copy Centers.

Parking and Transportation

Manages campus bus system, campus parking, commuter programs, and bicycle registration.


Obtains quality goods and services at the lowest reasonable cost.

Risk Management

Identifies and analyzes risk; implements loss control programs; administers insurance programs covering property and liability.


Sells equipment that departments no longer need; manages disposal of all University computers; recycles items that cannot be reused.


Audits and processes payments related to University business travel; provides travel policy and process information.

Beverage vending: The University of Iowa contracts with the Coca Cola company for beverage vending. Proceeds from the contract fund University projects that benefit students, faculty, and staff. Contact Scott Seagren, 319-335-3000, or Debby Zumbach, 319-335-0060, for information.

Debby Zumbach, Interim Assistant Vice President of Finance and Operations, Finance and Operations