Purchasing Agent- Doris Vaske 335-0113
Category Code - 43211500


Vendor Number 0000107187
Sales Representative Rebecca Moore
EmailR Rebecca Moore [Inside Account Manager]
Phone Number (512) 513-9620
Contract # 2067, RFP# 14355
Term of Contract 2/14/2021 with 2 additional 1 year extensions
Contract Pricing/Agreement Description 6% off Inspiron & Optiplex models (computers) Dell Computers are ordered through eBuy.

Apple Computers

Vendor Number 0000102243
Sales Representative Kelly Matthews
Emails kelly_matthews@apple.com
Phone Number  512-674-6560  (800-800-2775 option 4, 3 customer service for institutional orders if Kelly unavailable)
Contract # 5228
Term of Contract Ongoing
Contract Pricing/Agreement Description Apple Computers are ordered through the Bookstore.


Vendor Number 0000110879
Sales Representatives Laura Hernandez, Aaron Bennis
Emails laura.hernandez1@hp.com, aaron.bennis@hp.com
Phone Numbers Laura: 888-596-7630,  Aaron:  515-777-0212
Contract # 4172
Term of Contract through 3/31/2020
Contract Pricing/Agreement Description WSCA contract pricing. See website for complete listing. www.hp.com/buy/iowa