Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Iowa Purchasing Department is to obtain quality goods and services at the lowest reasonable cost, while operating at the highest standards of ethical conduct. We accomplish this through cooperative team interaction and continuous quality improvement in support of the overall goals of Finance and Operations. Purchasing's authority is delegated from the Board of Regents through the President of the University in accordance with the statutes and administrative rules of the State of Iowa and the procedures of the Board of Regents.

A huge shout out to all who participated in our 2019 food competition; and for all of the work that was put into a great day of food and fun! Our winners for the three events (chili, side dish and desert are captured below)
Chili Champion - Cindy Schneider
Side Dish Champion - Chris Leichty
Dessert Champion - Cindy Humpleby

Holiday season 2018 has come and gone but winter here is still in full force.  Check out our winter decorating door contest and door winner and the honorable mentions.

2018 Winter door champions

Winter Door competition door 2 2018-19
Winter Door competition door 4 2018-19
Winter Door competition door 8 2018-19
Winter Door competition door 7 2018-19
Winter Door competition door 5 2018-19
Winter Door competition door 3 2018-19

Iowa Public Procurement Association - Professional of the Year 2017 Award:  John Watkins, Director of Strategic Sourcing, University of Iowa

"The Iowa Board of Regents has completed an engagement with Huron Consulting part of which focused on procurement practices at the three Universities.  Huron consistently commented that the Universities had a strong history of working together on large contracts and the goal would be to expand upon this history.  Over the past few years the Iowa Regents Universities first completed strategic analysis, RFP and/or negotiation, and contract award on seven major commodity areas (Computer Hardware, Office Supplies, Prime Food, Computer Periphery, Janitorial, MRO, and Scientific Supplies) additionally the Regents have completed and are working on over a dozen other bids some of these in conjunction with other state agencies. I have had the opportunity to work with John on many of these bids and his hard work, research, analytical analysis and willingness to listen and compromise has been a tremendous asset when working to complete bids. He is also a great resource willing to share his historic knowledge and perspective when our University seeks advice.  Due to the tremendous amount of work John has contributed to his University and the State of Iowa, and procurement in general, I strongly urge the nomination committee to select John Watkins as IPPA Professional of the Year."


Green Purchasing

Green Purchasing
Going "green" is the wave of the future. With our state budget cuts, it makes good financial sense. Green Purchasing doesn't always mean being environmental, it means being responsible and a great way to save University money...more

Purchasing can save you money...more

Piggy Bank

Federal Uniform Guidance Procurement Standards

The University of Iowa implemented Uniform Guidance Procurement Standards effective July 1, 2018. As part of the implementation, the University has been authorized by the cognizant Federal agency to retain a micro-purchase threshold at $50,000 which is in accordance to the Iowa's Administrative Code 11-117.3(2).

Purchasing Performance Metrics – FY2017

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