An important message from MidAmerican Energy Company account manager:

One of our key accounts recently received an invoice formatted to resemble a MidAmerican Energy bill. The invoice included the MidAmerican Energy logo and a customer account number and it instructed the customer to wire transfer a large payment to a specified bank account. Fortunately, in this instance, the customer receiving this invoice was suspicious of it and contacted their account manager who was able to confirm that the bill was a fake.

There are several errors and discrepancies on the invoice that mark it as fraudulent, but the most obvious is the fact that the customer is asked to send payment by wire transfer to an unfamiliar account. We want to assure you that MidAmerican Energy has not made any such change in its billing procedures and would never do so without having a conversation with you in advance of the change. If you receive an invoice or statement purported to be from MidAmerican Energy, requesting payment via wire transfer, DO NOT pay it. Instead, give me a call, and I will immediately look into the situation for you.

We value your business and we want to make sure you have the information you need to safeguard your account and avoid falling victim to payment scams. If you ever have doubts about the legitimacy of any communication you receive from MidAmerican Energy, please call or email me before you make a payment or take any other action. I am always here to help.

Marcus Galante
Key Account Manager
MidAmerican Energy Company
1630 Lower Muscatine Road
Iowa City, IA 52240
Cell# (319) 721-5109
Office# (319) 341-4408