Apply for a PCard

Once the Procurement Card application is approved through workflow, the cardholder will be instructed to enroll in an online training course. These ICON courses were developed to provide easy, online training to educate cardholders, reconcilers and approvers about the procurement card policies and procedures. This training is mandatory for all cardholders. Upon completion of the online tutorial, the cardholder will be able to pick up their card at the Accounts Payable Department.

At a minimum of every 3 years, program policy requires all cardholders to complete the online procurement card training to ensure all  UI cardholders are kept informed of updated or changed policy. Training is offered online to allow for ease and convenience.

The date required to complete training coincides with the month and year in which your card expires.
If the refresher course is not completed by the end of the month your card expires, your purchasing privileges may be suspended until course completion.

*Reminders will be sent to cardholders well in advance of card expiration to allow for adequate time for course completion.