The University agrees to share with the department the risk associated with the use of the Procurement Card when the following measures have been taken:

  • The Cardholder/Department promptly contacts Purchasing (335-0389 or 335-0385) Department when there is reason to believe that a card has been lost, stolen or misused.
  • The Cardholder/Department maintains the actual card and card number in a secure and safe place to avoid "unauthorized" individuals access to credit card information.
  • Cardholder/department adheres to the written terms and agreements contained in the University Procurement Card Manual and Procurement Card Agreement.
  • Cardholder/Department instructs all authorized users of the above mentioned guidelines, and periodically reminds users of the accountability requirements.
  • Cardholder/Department reviews Procurement Card billing monthly to confirm that the card's use is limited to purchases for the benefit of the University.
  • Should a Cardholder terminate employment with the University or transfer between departments, the user department has the specific obligation to reclaim the Procurement Card and return it to the Accounts Payable or Purchasing Department prior to the employee's termination date.