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Leadership, Outreach, & Professional Development for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

The Wise Ambassadors is a community of undergraduate and graduate women studying in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) majors. We organize K-12 and community outreach activities, plan professional development opportunities, and provide service to local organizations. We're a student-run group that receives support through WiSE - we create our own experiences and opportunities! See below for more information about who we are and what we do.

It's really a great thing - the WiSE Ambassadors decide what's important to us, and that's what we do! In the past we have participated as tutors for local K-12 students, organized road trips and tours to regional companies, and planned a campus-wide leadership conference. In the past we have organized the WiSE Science and Engineering Extravaganza for 3rd-6th grade girls, planned a tour of Integrated DNA Technologies, prepared dinner at the Ronald McDonald House, acted as science fair mentors for elementary school students, and attended several other WiSE-sponsored activities. We are now beginning the 2017-2018 year with hopes to find new volunteer opportunities and expand our K-12 outreach. With all this excitement, we'll need some more bodies - join us for the 2017-2018 year!

How do I get involved?

All undergraduate women in STEM majors at the University of Iowa are encouraged to join the WiSE Ambassadors. We accept new members at any time, but of course it's most fun to get involved from the beginning! Our first meeting date is September 10th at 5:00 PM in 2520D University Conference Center (second floor of Old Capitol Mall). Contact WiSE Ambassadors or one of the officers for more information or to get added to the mailing list. Or just stop by the next meeting - you're always welcome!!

Check out our Facebook page for a list of our upcoming events and meetings to attend!

2016-2017 WiSE Ambassadors Events

Meeting Guest Speaker: Dr. Lori Adams

Dr. Lori Adams is a lecturer in the Department of Biology, Program Director or the Iowa Biosciences Academy, and Program Director of the Latham Science Engagment Initiative. She spoke to a room full of our members about the importance of getting involved in undergraduate research. She also gave advice on how and when to approach professors to ask if they are looking for undergraduate research assistants.

Mocktail Networking Event

Last Movember the WiSE Ambassadors put on an event to help undergraduate women in STEM create connections, practice networking and professional attire, and many other opportunities in an interactive "Mocktail Party." The purpose of the "Mocktail Party" was to provide an opportunity for our undergraduate student members to mingle with a room full of alumni, professional, successful, motivated, resourceful, diverse, and unique women while enjoying appetizers (cookies, fruit, dessert bars, lemonade, etc.). It was the perfect opportunity to practice networking skills, make connections, and to give and receive professional career advice.

Terry Trueblood STEAM Festival

At Terry Trueblood STEAM Event, Ambassadors ran a stand called “Exploding Bags”. Vinegar, baking soda and water were mixed in a bag and the bag was sealed. A chemical reaction took place producing CO2 gas eventually exploding the bag. The kids who attended had a blast making their "Exploding Bags" with the Ambassadors activity leaders! 

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