Leadership, Outreach, & Professional Development for Students

The Wise Ambassadors is a community of undergraduate and graduate women studying in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) majors. We organize K-12 and community outreach activities, plan professional development opportunities, and provide service to local organizations. We're a student-run group that receives support through WiSE - we create our own experiences and opportunities! 

Past WiSE Ambassadors Events

Guest Speaker: Dr. Lori Adams

Dr. Lori Adams is a lecturer in the Department of Biology, Program Director or the Iowa Biosciences Academy, and Program Director of the Latham Science Engagment Initiative. Dr. Adams spoke to our members about the importance of undergraduate research here at Iowa. She provided encouragement and advice for approaching professors to get involved with their research. 

Mocktail Networking Event

Last November, the WiSE Ambassadors organized an event which gave Women in STEM the opportunity to practice networking and create connections in an interactive "Mocktail Party." Undergraduate Women, Graduate Women, alumni, faculty and professionals were all in attendance. 

Lucas Elementary STEM Fair

At the Lucas Elementary STEM Fair, the WiSE Ambassadors guided an experiment involving baking soda, vinegar, and balloons! The kids who attended had a blast making their exploding balloons with the WiSE Ambassadors activity leaders! 


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