Earn a Chance to Win a $100 Gift Card to the University of Iowa Bookstore by Participating in the WiSE Mentoring Program

 Each time mentors and mentees have a team meeting or attend a large group event (workshops, seminars, social events etc.) they are entered into a drawing to win a $100 gift card to the University of Iowa Bookstore. Five gift cards will be given away each semester and drawings will occur at the Cookies Decorating Social Event in December and the End of Year Banquet in May. 

Receiving Credit for Attending Events

Workshops & Seminars: Sign in at the workshop/seminar

Team Meetings: Mentors and mentees must meet with their matches once per month. WiSE will send reminders at the beginning of each month, and it is up to you to schedule a time/place to meet. After each meeting, both the mentor and mentee must submit evaluations to receive credit for the team meeting. The link to the evaluation is below.

Extra Team Meetings: You may do as many team meetings as you'd like - we'll continue counting you participation as long as you keep meeting and submitting evaluations! Please use the link below to access the evaluation that is to be used for all team meetings. 




Click to take the Team Meeting Evaluation.