What changes were made to UI student records? 

During the 2015/2016 academic year a partnership between the College of Education, Admissions, the Office of the Registrar, and Information Technology Systems was formed to update identity options in: UI Admissions Applications, MyUI, and MAUI (student records system). In the summer of 2016 the Chief Diversity Office joined the collaboration to provide gender identity specific content consultation and to liaison with the recently launched UI Trans Inclusivity Taskforce. On August 1st, 2016 the following changes were made in the forms and systems outlined above:


  • The current application now provides the ability for an applicant to include their ‘Preferred Name’ in addition to their legal name which translate into their ‘Standard Name’ in the registrar’s records.
  • Sex and Gender are decoupled and made into separate categories.

Old Application

  • Previously the category ‘Gender’ was used to capture an applicants’ sex assigned at birth.
  • Options under this previous category included: Male, Female, Transgender. 

​​Current Application​
The current application categories:

  • Gender: Agender, Cisgender, Man, Non-binary, Transgender, Woman, Another gender not listed above, Prefer Not to Answer
  • Sex: Male, Female, Intersex, Prefer Not to Answer


  • Students now have the option to update the following identity categories in MyUI:
    1. Preferred Name and Pronouns
    2. Sex and Gender 
  • Preferred name and pronouns will be displayed in MAUI the system that instructors use to generate class lists. This update means that trans students will no longer have to email professors before each class to share their accurate name and pronouns of reference.


  • If a student provides the university with a preferred name and/or pronouns of reference, these will be displayed in MAUI so that instructors will have accurate class lists. Advisors will also have access to this information. Note: Determining directory information is in process. Presently preferred name and pronouns are not directory information per FERPA.

Why were these changes made? 

After receiving feedback from transgender students, the University of Iowa realized it was time to update our systems to be more inclusive and validating of students with diverse gender identities. Watch our Pronouns at UI Video to learn more about why this is important to us.