To promote awareness on campus of existing professional development opportunities. To explore options for further educational opportunities and to make recommendations to the Council for making those educational opportunities available to the Staff.

Scope of Concern

1. Organize and present Council information to new staff members at monthly faculty/staff orientations.
2. Works closely with The University of Iowa Learning and Development Office to provide staff with professional development opportunities.


1. Members: The committee consists of a minimum of 4 Council members
2. Open to: Current Council members
3. Term: 1 year.

2017-2018 Staff Council Education Committee Members
Rudia Kihura - Chair
Craig Spitzer
Linda Varvel
Julia Woodiwiss

2016-2017 Staff Council Education Committee Members
Craig Spitzer - Chair
Rudia Kihura
Wayne Kintz
Julia Woodiwiss
Brenda Van Dee