The goal of the Communications Committee is to identify, advise, and develop best means of communication to staff members on campus via web technology.


Our purpose is to create an informational but interactive venue for both Staff Councilors and the UI Community to get up-to-date information on what’s happening around campus. The Committee’s efforts will also ensure that the UI Staff Council’s mission and goals are served in short- and long-term by actively finding the best means to communicate to UI Staff and the community.


While there are no restrictions on membership, at least one Staff Council officer should be a member of the committee.

2017-2018 Staff Council Communication Committee Members
Denny Crall - Chair
Barbara Barrows
Mihaela Bojin
Suzanne Doershuk
Jeri King
Joe Lang
Linda Weir

2016-2017 Staff Council Communication Committee Members
Sam Van Horne - Chair
Barbara Barrows
Hans Hoerschelman
Jeri King
Denny Crall