We administered SERU to all degree-seeking undergraduates during Spring 2018. These Briefs provide quick snapshots of student responses on just a few topics covered by SERU: [1] How Students Report Using Their Time, [2] Student Satisfaction and Interaction with Faculty, [3] Student Employment and Financial Concerns, [4] Putting Knowledge to Use, and [5] Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Iowa.
To gain an understanding of what students consider to be their most significant learning experiences, we surveyed students and asked, “What is one of the most meaningful learning experiences you have had at UI?” This set of SERU Briefs provides a summary of responses related to (1) Most Meaningful Learning at UI, (2) Taking Learning Beyond the Classroom, and (3) Developing Self-Awareness
Institutional data reveal that although first generation students enter with similar profiles to their continuing generation peers, they are retained and graduate at lower rates, mirroring larger national metrics. This begs the question what is (or is not) happening at UI that is effecting the successful outcomes of first generation students?
This report summarizes responses on Campus Climate for Diversity from the 2016 Student Experience in the Research University (SERU) survey.
Service is a significant part of the undergraduate experience for many UI students:  56% of SERU respondents indicated that they participated in volunteering or community service during the current academic year. This report provides a summary of their perceptions of civic engagement and a list of organizations where they volunteered.
Findings from the 2016 administration of SERU continue to confirm previous findings that close to 60% of the student body chooses to work while being enrolled at UI (compared to 48% at other universities administering SERU). When examined further, we find that UI students work not only in higher rates but also for more hours than the comparison institutions.