Student Experience in the Research University (SERU) is a campus-wide survey of all degree-seeking undergraduates at the University of Iowa.

SERU provides an extensive overview of the student experience, gathering information on academic and community engagement, experiences in their major, overall satisfaction, and perceived campus climate for diversity.  This site provides information about the survey for students and departments, and also reports on the data.

SERU gives the university one more important way to hear from students -- and when we hear from students, everybody benefits.




This report summarizes responses from the 2016 Student Experience in the Research University (SERU), administered in Spring 2016 to all degree-seeking students with the purpose of collecting information about how students engage with the university.
The number of international undergraduates at UI has greatly increased in recent years. International students were 1.7% of the entering class in 2007, just prior to this increase. In 2014, they were 12% of the entering class. International students now constitute more than 10% of our total undergraduate population.
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