Weekend  June 17-18

Jeffery Renard Allen How Do I End This Thing?
Venise Berry Novel Writing: How to Create Powerful and Memorable Scenes
Jonathan Blum Creating Compelling Characters in Fiction
Thomas K. Dean Where Do I Start? Beginning the Memoir & Personal Essay
Diana Goetsch Warmth & Precision: The Art of Nonfiction
Eric Goodman Write Funny to Me
Sands Hall Showing & Telling: The Effective Use of Detail
Amy Hassinger The How of Where: Place as Character in Fiction & Creative Nonfiction
June Melby How (Not) to Get an Agent
Anna Morrison Writing the Miniature
Lon Otto Writing Travel: Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry


Weeklong  June 18-23

Jeffery Renard Allen The Wonderful Universe of Race: A Workshop for Writers of Color
Jonathan Blum Short Story Workshop
Amy Butcher Crafting the Experimental Personal Essay
Hugh Ferrer Inventing Memory
Diana Goetsch  Generating Poems: A Workshop for All Levels
Eric Goodman The Final Draft: On Finishing & Knowing When You’ve Finished Your Novel
Sands Hall Advanced Tools for the Fiction Writer
Amy Hassinger Structural Workout for Your Novel-in-Progress
Jim Heynen Short Forms: Meaning More While Saying Less
James McKean Memoir: Pieces for the Whole
Lon Otto Everyone’s Strange: Developing Characters in Fiction & Narrative Nonfiction
Mark Jude Poirier Short Story Exercises
Mary Kay Shanley People, Emotion, Dialogue, Place, the Senses: Five Basic Tools, No Matter the Genre


Weekend  June 24-25

Mary Allen Writing from the Heart, for Beginners
Venise Berry Muddy Water: Controlling Plot, Subplots, and Plot Points in Your Novel
Sarah Busse & Jacqueline Martin Locating the Pulse in Children's Picture Books
Jacqueline Martin & Sarah Busse Locating the Pulse in Children’s Picture Books
Amy Butcher The Momentary MFA: The Essay
Kelly Dwyer  Flash Fiction in a Flash: Writing (and Submitting) Publishable Flash Fiction
Diana Goetsch  Am I Not a Writer?—A Workshop for All Genres
Lauren Haldeman Mixology: Writing from Source Material, with a Twist
Jim Heynen  The Art of the Character Sketch
Anna Morrison Screenwriting: Adaptation As Invention
Beau O’Reilly Making the Theatrical Monologue or Short Play
Juliet Patterson Everything You Want to Know about Publishing Poetry
Kathleen Rooney  Family Resemblance: Writing Across Genres
Sarah Saffian Memoir’s Family: The Politics of Writing about Loved Ones
Mary Kay Shanley The Why and How of Reflective Writing



Weeklong  June 25-30

Thomas K. Dean Why Would Anyone Be Interested in My Story? Making the Ordinary Extraordinary in Memoir & Personal Essay
Kelly Dwyer Plotting the Novel
Hugh Ferrer What Gives: The Choreography of Motivation
Garth Greenwell Novel Beginnings
Robin Hemley Fakes, Frauds, and Forgeries: How to Turn Mundane Forms into Lively Stories & Essays
Lon Otto Deep Revision: Fiction & Narrative Nonfiction
Juliet Patterson Everything You Want to Know about the Craft of Poetry (But Were Afraid to Ask)
Sarah Saffian Advanced Memoir: The Art & Craft of the Personal Essay
Suzanne Scanlon Telling True Stories (Ten Different Ways)
Ami Silber What Every Writer Can Learn from Romance Novels
Jeff Vintar Screenplay Starter


Weekend  July 8-9

Susan Aizenberg  Poetry Craft Camp: Image, Metaphor, Sound & Repetition, and the Line in Syllabics
Nancy K. Barry Time Is a Verb: A Short Course in Manipulating Time in Memoir
Kyle Beachy Between Scene and Summary, Showing and Telling
Margaret Chapman Fiction & Fairy Tale
Kelly Dwyer Better Talky-Talky: The Art & Craft of Dialogue
Hugh Ferrer Who’s That Knocking? (Plot Fundamentals)
Garth Greenwell Voice in Fiction
Michael Morse  Better Blues: Writing Loss into Presence in Poems
Sandra Scofield Aboutness”: Leash Your Novel, Shape Your Writing, Pitch Your Book


Weeklong  July 9-14

Mary Allen Encounters with Ourselves: Writing a Spiritual Autobiography
Kate Aspengren Playwrights Workshop
Margaret Chapman Explore, Observe, Write, and Repeat: A Generative Workshop
Jennifer Colville Shaping Your Short Story
Kelly Dwyer Novel in a Week 
Patricia Henley Your Novel in Your Pocket
Michael Morse Think Twice / Think Again—Making Poems from Inspiration & Calculation
Marc Nieson Memoir: On Self & Society
Suzanne Scanlon Writing in Fragments (Building Your Book Piece by Piece)
Robyn Schiff Shaking “That Female Fatigue”: Awakening Lyric Urgency for Female Poets
Sandra Scofield Agency, Struggle, and Transformation of Character in Your Novel
Carol Spindel Finding Your Threads: Shaping and Structuring Nonfiction


Weekend  July 15-16

Linda Bendorf  Jumpstart Your Creative Genius: Reclaiming the Writer Within
Kim Brooks Writing the Dysfunctional Family
Margaret Chapman  Novel Boot Camp
Mieke Eerkens Promptapalooza! Ten Prompts to Generate Ten Beginnings in Two Days
Cecile Goding “This Too Is Life”: Memoirs of Illness and Health
Wayne Johnson Telling the Tale: A Nonfiction Workshop
Sabrina Orah Mark Spill Your Guts: A Confessional Poetry Workshop
Malinda McCollum Two-Day MFA: Fiction Writing Workshop
Michael Morse  Revisionist Singing—Walking Your Poems through the Ages
Marc Nieson On Process & Progress
Jude Nutter The Word & the Image: Poetry & the Visual Arts
Rachel Pastan  Goodbye “Rising Action”: Other Ways of Thinking about Plot
Richard Thomas How to Publish Your Short Stories
Anthony Varallo          The 500-Word Story: A Writer’s Weekend


Weeklong  July 16-21 

Susan Aizenberg Narrative Poems: A Generative Workshop
Linda Bendorf Writing Your Legacy: The Essence of a Life
Mieke Eerkens Experimenting with Form: Using New Structures and Forms in Literary Nonfiction
Charles Holdefer “Who’s Talkin’ Here?”: Dialogue vs. Narration in Fiction
Wayne Johnson Novel Solutions
Malinda McCollum Five-Day MFA: Fiction Writing Workshop
June Melby A Hedonistic Week of Creative Indulgence (for Your Muse)
Jude Nutter Poetic Immersion: An Intensive Course for Beginning Poets
Rachel Pastan Planning a Novel
Sandra Scofield  The Narrative Call: Polish and Deepen Your Novel Draft
Richard Thomas The New Weird in Fiction
Anthony Varallo Get in, Get out, Go on: A Short Story Workshop