Below is information for the 2018 Resident and Commuter Music Camp participants. Also, you will find a link to the East Side Summer Residence Hall Guide Book (for the resident campers). An Iowa City Dining Guide and Parking Ramp Map have been provided for your information. 

PDF icon2018_iowa_summer_music_camps_-_resident_camper_information.pdf

PDF icon2018_iowa_summer_music_camps_-_commuter_camper_information.pdf

PDF iconEast Side Summer Residence Hall Guide Book

PDF iconDining Guide

PDF iconParking ramp location map

PDF iconjazz_camp_schedule_2018.pdf

PDF iconpercussion_camp_basic_schedule_2018.pdf

PDF iconclarinet_camp_schedule_2018.pdf

PDF iconpiano_camp_basic_schedule_2018_.pdf

PDF iconparent_information_2018_.pdf



WEEK ONE - Percussion and Jazz

Monday, June 11 - Movie Night (VOX Recital Hall)

Tuesday, June 12 - Campus Wellness and Recreational Center

Wednesday, June 13 - Jazz Camp Faculty Concert (7:30PM, VOX Recital Hall)

Thursday, June 14 - Percussion Camp Faculty All-Stars Concert (7:30PM, VOX Concert Hall)

Friday, June 15 - Camp Concerts

     Percussion (5:00PM, VOX Concert Hall)

     Jazz (5:00PM, VOX Recital Hall)


WEEK TWO - Piano and Clarinet

Monday, June 18 - Movie Night (VOX Recital Hall)

Tuesday, June 19 - Campus Wellness and Recreational Center 

Wednesday, June 20 - Piano Camp Faculty Recital (7:30PM, VOX Recital Hall)

Thursday, June 21 - Clarinet Camp Faculty Recital (7:30PM, VOX Recital Hall)

Friday, June 22 - Camp Concerts

     Clarinet Camp (5:00PM, VOX Concert Hall)

     Piano Camp Recital (7:00PM, VOX Recital Hall)








Flute player with piano accompaniment