Getting involved in undergraduate research/creative scholarship at the University of Iowa

The decision to explore undergraduate research is the first step toward becoming involved.

The University of Iowa depends on robust and creative research efforts,  as it is recognized as being among the top public research universities in the country.  This means that there is a wide variety of opportunities for involvement in research and creative work in every department/major on campus!

ICRU exists to help students find the right fit and to make sure that its best utilize the skills they learn through their research.  Take some time to explore this website.  If your questions are not entirely answered, please feel free to contact an ICRU Research Ambassador (current UI students who know first-hand how to get involved) or an ICRU staff member.  We are happy to meet with you in person to help get you started!  

Anya Kim Presents at FURF 2015

Benefits to Undergraduates

Dana Mietus, ICRU Fellow

Before you start...

Student Theses

Courses, Credit, and Certifcates

Rana Hewezi, ICRU Fellow, loading an agarose gel

Finding a Mentor

Events and Awards

Events and Awards

Funding and Scholarships

Funding and Scholarships


Belin Blank Collaborations



Belin-Blank Collaborations

Mentee Training

Mentee Training

Research Ambassadors

ICRU Research Ambassadors