Mentors in all disciplines
are encouraged to consider involving undergraduates
in research, scholarly, and creative endeavors.  

ICRU is committed to meaningful experiences for everyone who participates in undergraduate research - faculty, staff, and students included.  If you are a mentor who would like to start working with undergraduates, or if you already work with undergraduates, ICRU can help you learn more about having a successful experience with undergraduates at the University of Iowa.

"Research involvement is an important part of undergraduate education at the University of Iowa. Students in all disciplines benefit from being a part of the scholarly work of our faculty and staff. These opportunities provide undergraduates with hands on experience as they prepare themselves for graduate or professional training. Outstanding programs and mentors abound at Iowa for students as they begin to sample possible career paths and many undergraduates make research a focal point of their academic training."

 Office of the Vice President for Research