Undergraduate Arts Award Program

Spring/Summer 2020

The Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates is currently accepting applications that engage undergraduates in the arts.  These awards are funded by the Arts Advancement Committee and support undergraduates working with faculty or staff mentors in artistic efforts in Spring or Summer 2020.

Undergraduate Arts Award Program

Request for Proposals

Funding will support the collaboration between undergraduates and faculty or staff on various forms of artistic expression.  This collaboration could grow out of a concept developed in or outside of a class and may include a community partner.  The concept could be initiated by either the student or the mentor but must include at least one undergraduate and one faculty or staff mentor.  The work must culminate in a public presentation, exhibit, or performance.  All proposals must have an arts component but work integrating multiple disciplines is encouraged.

We anticipate awarding up to ten grants between $1,000 - $2,500 under the program.  Funding may be used for student stipends, supplies, and travel of students and mentors.  Funding may be utilized in Spring, Summer, or Fall 2020.

The application deadline is February 4, 2020.
Applications will not be reviewed until this date.


Eligible mentors are UI personnel who are tenure-track or tenured faculty, clinical track faculty, research faculty, instructional faculty, and other staff members.  Eligible students are degree seeking UI undergraduates who will be full time if funding is for Spring 2020 or returning to pursue their degree if funding is for Summer 2020. 

Selection Process

The review committee will make funding recommendations to the Arts Advancement committee.  Selection criteria are:

  • Level of collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Feasibility
  • Anticipated excellence
  • Audience engagement

Applications that identify additional funding opportunities for the project from departmental, collegiate, or university mechanisms will be looked at favorably in the selection process.

 Deadline and Submission

The deadline for proposals is 11:59pm on February 4, 2020. Proposals should be emailed to icru@uiowa.edu.

Proposal Guidelines

Proposals must contain the following:

  • Project Narrative (3 pages maximum): The project narrative should address the selection criteria outlined in the Selection Process section above.
  • Budget, budget justification and timeline:  The budget and justification must outline how funds will be expended and why they are needed during the grant period. All funds must be expended by December 2020.  The notices of award will be issued in early February 2020.  Please note that salary for the mentors is not an allowable expense.
  •  CV, biosketch, or resume for all key personnel

Questions concerning applications for the award should be directed to bob-kirby@uiowa.edu