A brief history of ICRU

The Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates (ICRU) was created in 2006 as a collaboration between the Office of the Provost and the Office of the Vice President for Research. Through partnerships with various campus programs, combined with acceptance and validation from faculty, staff, students, and the university, ICRU has since grown from running one Fellowship program to a full-blown support system for undergraduate researchers.  Despite its growth, ICRU still holds fast to its original goal to support individual students through helping undergraduates find research and creative work experiences and providing platforms for students to learn research communication skills.

     ICRU Staff

     Bob Kirby - ICRU Director
     Melinda Licht - ICRU Program Coordinator

     ICRU Student Ambassadors

          Aparna Ajjarapu​ - Senior, Biochemistry Major
          Preston Anderson - Senior, Biochemistry and Human Physiology Major
          Tori Cassady - Sophomore, Biosciences Major
          Akanksha Chilukuri - Sophomore, Neurobiology Major
          Anj Droe - Sophomore, Neurology and Microbiology Major
          Lindsey Floryance - Senior, Chemistry Major (Pre-Pharmacy)
          Lance Heady - Senior, Biochemistry and Neurobiology Major
          Alexa Kort - Sophomore, Biochemistry and Spanish Major
          Megan Helms - Senior, Biomedical Engineering Major
          Rana Hewezi - Sophomore, Biomedical Sciences Major
          Anya Kim - Senior, Neurobiology and Spanish Major
          Aishwarya Kothapali - Junior, Human Physiology Major
          Rikki Laser - Sophomore, Neuroscience Major
          Katie Lillis - Sophomore, Human Physiology and Psychology Major
          Alexis Mahanna - Sophomore, Biochemistry, International Studies, and Engaged Social Innovation Major         
          Mik Mallin
 - Junior, Biomedical Science and Dance Major
          Russell Martin - Sophomore, Biomedical Engineering Major
​          Eric Mittauer - Senior, Human Physiology Major
          Paige Noble - Senior, Biochemistry Major
          Angela Olvera - Senior, Biomedical Engineering Major
          Sam Ponnada - Sophomore, Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics Major
          Alexa Santaniello - Sophomore, Anthropology Major     
          Angela Schab - Senior, Cell and Developmental Biology Major
          Cari Wadman - Senior, Psychology Major

     ICRU Steering Committee

     Marc Armstrong - Professor, Geography
     Lon Moeller - Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education and Dean,      University College
     Craig Just - Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
     Rebekah Kowal - Associate Professor, Dance
     Cornelia Lang - Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy
     Ann Ricketts - Assistant Vice President for Research, Communication and      External Relations
     Sarah Vigmostad  - Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering