Lost and Found

Main Office

The University Lost and Found Office is located on the southwest side of University Capitol Centre (UCC) on the lower level. Hours are 8 a.m.–4 p.m., Monday–Friday (closed weekends and university holidays).

Contact info:

  • Phone: 319-384-2797
  • Email: lost@uiowa.edu
  • Mailing address: Lost and Found; 809 UCC; Iowa City, IA 52242

To report a lost item, contact the office by phone or email and describe the item in detail. Be sure to provide your name and phone number. Allow at least 2-3 days for a reply, as it may take time for the lost item to arrive at the central office.

If you've found an item and wish to turn it in, stop by during the hours listed above or send the item via campus mail.

Map to the Lost and Found

Satellite Locations

Several locations on campus receive lost items—you can check for an item or turn in an item you've found at any of these offices. They forward found items to the main office if they're not claimed within a few days:

Location Building Room Phone
Art Building West ABW 235 319-335-3089
Adler Journalism Building AJB E305 319-335-3486
Becker Communication Studies Building BCSB 105 319-335-0575
Biology Building BB 143 319-335-1050
Blank Honors Center BHC Student info desk 319-335-3220
Bowen Science Building BSB 2471 319-335-7965
Boyd Law Building BLB 240 319-335-9002
Cambus CAMB 399 319-335-8633
Campus Recreation and Wellness Center CRWC C131 319-335-5918
Carver-Hawkeye Arena CHA S120 319-335-9410
Center for Disabilities and Development CDD 221 319-356-1429
Chemistry Building CB E225 319-335-1341
College of Public Health Building CPHB N170 319-384-1500
Dental Science Building DSB S112-1 319-335-7505
Eckstein Medical Research Building EMRB 1130 in MERF 319-335-7526
English Philosophy Building EPB 308 319-335-0454
Field House FH E216 319-335-9293
Halsey Hall HH E114 319-335-2228
Hancher UCC Hancher Box Office (UCC) 319-335-1160
Hardin Library HLHS C314 319-335-9151
IMU/Iowa House Hotel IMU 121 319-335-3513
Levitt Center LCUA Call 319-335-3305 319-335-3055
Lindquist Center (dean's office) LC N110 319-335-5623
Main Library LIB Service desk 319-335-5299
MacBride Hall MH 114 319-335-0522
MacLean Hall MLH 14 319-335-0714
Medical Education Building MEB 1130 in MERF 319-335-7526
Medical Education and Research Facility MERF 1130 319-335-7526
Museum of Art (IMU) IMU 376/360 319-335-1740
North Hall NH 308 319-335-1250
Nursing Building NB 101 319-335-7018
Pappajohn Business Building (dean's office) PBB C120 319-335-0862
Pappajohn Business Building (computer lab) PBB C220 319-335-0872
Pappajohn Business Building (library) PBB C330 319-335-3077
Pharmacy Building PHAR 127 319-335-8795
Phillips Hall PH 111 319-335-2244
Phillips Hall PH 120 319-335-2333
Pomerantz Center (Admission Visitors Ctr.) PC C120 319-335-1566
Schaeffer Hall SH 240 319-335-2611
School of Music CSM5 375 319-335-1603
Seamans Center SC 3124 319-335-5763
Seamans Center (Computer Services) SC 1256 319-335-5751
Seamans Center (library) SC 2001 319-335-6047
Seashore Hall SSH E11 319-335-2450
Spence Labs SSH E11 319-335-2450
Stanley Hydraulics Laboratory SHL 100 319-335-5237
Studio Arts SA 1108 319-335-1771
Trowbridge Hall TH 115 319-335-1818
UI Hospitals and Clinics UIHC First floor info desk 319-384-8591
UI Hospitals and Clinics (security office) UIHC 82 RCP 319-356-2658
UI Research Park BVC E156/E154 319-335-4063
Van Allen Hall VAN 203 319-335-1686
Speech and Hearing Center SHC 119 319-335-8718
Westlawn (Student Health & Wellness) WL 3171 319-335-8371