Ethics and Responsibility

University of Iowa's confidential hotline

The University of Iowa recognizes its obligation to maintain the highest ethical standards. Policy compliance is a shared responsibility that depends on individuals voicing their concerns.

Speaking up isn't always easy. The UI Confidential Hotline offers an always-available, easy to use resource for reporting potential policy violations.

Together we can spot and fix problems, minimize risks, and keep our university secure.

How it works

The university contracts EthicsPoint, a third-party provider specializing in compliance issues, to manage the UI Confidential Hotline.

You can report concerns via the UI Confidential Hotline website. All information you provide resides on EthicsPoint's secure servers. You also can report by phone: 866-384-4277.

The hotline staff will forward information to the appropriate UI personnel for review and investigation as needed. The university will share facts only with the people needed to resolve the matter.

You can provide your name and contact information if you wish, or file an anonymous report. The hotline will assign you a report number, a personal identification number (PIN), and a contact date—use this information to check the status of your report or provide additional information.

The university will not divulge the identity of a hotline reporter without consent. No retaliation will be permitted against people who report policy violations in good faith.

Other reporting resources

If you're an employee, your immediate supervisor is often the best option. If you're a student, instructors, advisers, or residence hall staff usually can help. Other UI reporting resources include:

General issues

Office of the Ombudsperson319-335-3608: Confidential conflict management and problem solving for UI staff, faculty, and students

Academic misconduct

Collegiate deans offices: College-specific policies and resources

Discrimination or harassment

Equal Opportunity and Diversity319-335-0705: For reporting discrimination or harassment based on age, race, religion, disability, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, veteran status, or other aspects of personal identity

Financial misconduct

Internal Audit319-335-2871: Providing independent appraisals of policy, process, risk and efficiency

Health and safety

Safety and support resources: Guide to university-wide resources for students, faculty, and staff

Research misconduct

Sponsored Programs​, 319-335-2106: Supporting integrity in research and compliance with federal regulations

Health care

Joint Office for Compliance319-384-8190: Overseeing policies for health care delivery

UI policy links

Financial Policy Resources

Health Care Policy