Home Page Features

The UI home page makes information for new users especially prominent and central, while providing repeat users with easy-to-find links for the tools they use the most.

Annotated image of UI home page

Here’s a guide to the main features of the home page:

  • A—Audience menu: Links to pages designed for groups who frequently use the site
  • Search tools: Links to A-Z website listings and phone/email directory, plus a global UI web search
  • B—Topic menu: Links to pages about major UI missions and endeavors
  • C—Main rotator: Revolving, regularly updated images that show university life, but also link to sites and stories
  • D—News: Links to the day’s top news stories from around the university
  • E—Events: Links to info about upcoming events, exhibits, programs, and more
  • F—Showcase links: Rotating links to various UI websites, providing visibility for resources across the university
  • G—Social media links: Connections to the university’s major, central social media accounts
  • F—Footer menus: Links to tools and resources commonly accessed by campus users and others