Assessment Strategy

The 2014 redesign of the UI home-page site marked a complete overhaul of the site itself and a renewed commitment to assessing how people use the site and where it can be improved. Our goal: Best meet users’ needs while best representing the university.

Web analytics, feedback from users and peers, usability and accessibility audits, and surveys and focus groups all may help inform enhancements to the site. Post-launch assessment priorities include:

  • Watching traffic to second-level audience and topic pages, comparing how external and internal (or new and repeat) users navigate the site.
  • Measuring how featuring a site as a showcase link or rotator item affects traffic to said site.
  • Comparing overall visits, time on page, bounce rate, and other measures to the previous home-page site.
  • Working with campus webmasters to chart the traffic patterns or changes they’re seeing.
  • Tracking anecdotal feedback and responding to user questions and suggestions.