Damaged Shipments Policy

The University of Iowa has a $1 million transportation insurance policy that provides protection for shipments from General Stores, at Mossman Business Services Building, to end-user departments. The policy has a deductible which will be paid by the MBSB delivery unit if something happens to a shipment enroute to your department or dock, depending on your delivery instructions.

The procedure is as follows:
Departments can order goods and have them shipped to MBSB. At the time the goods are received at the MBSB dock, they will be inspected for damage. If there is damage, a claim will be made with the shipping company. If there is no damage, MBSB personnel will sign for the goods and the responsibility for those goods then transfers to the MBSB delivery unit.

The delivery unit will deliver the goods to the end user department or dock according to the delivery instructions. The ordering department's receiving personnel should inspect the goods for damage. If there is damage, it should be reported immediately (within 24 hours) to the MBSB Shipping and Receiving department at 384-3905. The ordering department will not be responsible for damage incurred during the trip from the MBSB dock to the delivery site. If there is no damage, the ordering department's receiving personnel will sign for the goods. At that time, the liability of the goods then becomes the responsibility of the receiving department and that department would be responsible for the deductible.

If the department signs for a shipment that does not appear to be damaged, but upon opening the shipment concealed damage is found, a claim can still be filed with the MBSB Shipping and Receiving department. This should be done within 24 hours of receipt of the shipment.