Cylinder Gas

General Stores transitioned cylinder gas purchases to Praxair effective November 1, 2011. Departments will continue to order through General Stores, but the deliveries will be made by Praxair employees.

Account Numbers

  • If the information on your account number needs to be updated, contact Praxair.
  • For account number issues, email both individuals from Praxair, below. In the subject line, indicate your UI account information.
  • Departments will need to establish a Praxair account number, please contact Praxair at 610-758-7206.

Ordering & Delivery

Cylinder gas ordering and billing will be handled through Praxair and will no longer be handled through General Stores.

Blanket Purchase Order

Departments are required to complete a requisition to establish a new purchase order for their Praxair accounts, payment by UI procurement card is not allowed.

Information needed on the requisition:

  • Vendor ID: 0000315558; Address: 3
  • Description: Contract blanket order for cylinder gas and rental charges for the Department of XXXXX based on RFP 14314 and contract id 2167, for the period of March 1, 2012 – June 30, 2016 for • Praxair Account: XXXXX
  • Category Code: 42271701
  • MFK: Only 1 MFK can be utilized
  • Amount: Expected Cost through 6/30/13
  • Check on Blanket Order

Ordering - Placing orders can be completed by:

  • Calling Praxair at 319-363-2156
  • Faxing Praxair at 319-363-4845
  • Praxair website 
  • Departments will need to register as an Existing Customer Registration using your established Praxair account
  • Questions regarding this site please contact Praxair’s E-Business Support Center at 800-773-4877

Questions or Concerns

Praxair Contacts

General Stores Contact (DO NOT CONTACT TO ORDER GAS)