Central Receiving is a University-funded service that provides shipping and delivery of goods at no charge to University departments. We receive about 3500 tons of freight per year, with about 20 trucks arriving at the docks daily. Because our facility is located away from the campus area and we combine shipments from many trucks on one vehicle for deliveries, we help to reduce the number of vehicles on campus. We have the employees and equipment necessary to unload, receive, document and deliver almost any item shipped to the University.

Freight delivery guidelines

  1. Our goal is to deliver freight we receive to the proper designee within eight working hours of receipt. 
  2. Merchandise with "HOT" or "RUSH" designations will be given prompt delivery service. Careful handling, securing of loads, and proper transportation of freight is important to insure damage-free delivery of goods to our customers. 
  3. Central Receiving and Shipping personnel will not uncrate or unpack and remove merchandise from boxes or do any assembly. 
  4. The signing department is given a copy of the freight bill. The original freight bill and any attendant documents must be returned to the Central Receiving and Shipping delivery supervisor. 
  5. Deliveries will be made via the shortest or most direct route between Central Receiving and Shipping and the delivery point. Every attempt will be made to combine orders on a truck for the most efficient delivery. 
  6. Central Receiving and Shipping can ship out freight for your department. The freight must be accessible at a loading dock or outside door. We will shrink wrap or band materials to pallets if required. 
  7. For more details concerning these services call 384-3905.