Charge to the Committee

The Family Issues Charter Committee reviews and makes recommendations on the development and implementation of programs, plans, and policies that promote a positive climate for families of faculty, staff, and students through the life span.  The committee also reviews and makes recommendations about the implementation of University child or dependent care programs and plans.


Members are appointed by Faculty Senate, Staff Council, and Student Government and consist of three faculty members, four staff members, and three students. Faculty and staff members serve a three year term; student members serve a one year term. Administrative liaisons are the Associate Provost for Faculty and Associate Director of Human Resources. The Coordinator of Family Services serves as a non-voting member. 

There are generally 6 monthly meetings per academic year on the third Wednesday of the month.  Meetings are from 12:00 pm - 1 p.m. in the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center conference room.  For the specifc meeting dates, see the website section, Meetings/Minutes, or email

All meetings are open to the public.