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For general instructions on using Acrobat E-forms version click HERE


Absence Report

Additions Request Form  

Address Form

Admissions Data Access Request

Aircraft Information

Applicant Self-Identification Form

Application for Change in Plan of Study

Application for Graduate College Degree

Audit Form (for faculty and staff registering for course work for no credit)

Authorization for the Deduction of Miscellaneous Charges from Financial Aid

Authorization for Electronic Vendor Payments

Authorization for Pre-payment of Insurance Premiums



Background Checks

Beneficiary Designation Form

Benefit Change Request   (Faculty--Professional/Scientific--Merit Exempt--Merit)

Bio/Chemical Lab Self Audit

Biological: Exposure Incident Form

Bi-Weekly Employee Time Record

Bi-Weekly Employee Time Record (Work Study)

Bloodborne Pathogens: Annual Program Review

Bloodborne Pathogens: At Risk Assessment

Blue Requisition & MFK Addendum

  • For requisitions going to outside vendors please use the on-line Purchase Requisitions System. Click here for Inter-departmental Requisition e-form for internal requisitions.

BSRPC - Administrative Amendment (Form 3)

BSRPC - Application Cancellation Form

BSRPC - Authorization Request (Form 1)

BSRPC - Methodology Amendment (Form 2)

BSRPC - Survey/Receipt, Utilization and Disposal Form

  • PDF file  (BSRPC – Survey Receipt Utilization and Disposal Form.pdf)

Budget Development DSS Access Request



Catastrophic Illness:

Catastrophic Illness Contribution Form - Employee   

  Catastrophic Illness Contribution Form - Family

  Catastrophic Illness of an Immediate Family Member Application, Donated Leave for

  Catastrophic Illness of an Employee Application, Donated Leave for

Collective Bargaining Agreement

Central Microscopy Research Facility -Project Information Form

Certificate of College Teaching Tuition Scholarship Application

CEU Application Form

Chemical Hygiene Plan: Annual Review

Compliance Statement

Cost Sharing Authorization Form



Data Collection Form For New Appointments

Delegation of Signature Authority Form

Departmental Travel Approval

Direct Deposit Form

  • Changes can be made on Self-Service. 
  • Select Personal Tab, then Set Up/Change Direct Deposit under the Payroll section. 
    • Options include:  Payroll, Benefits, Accounts Payable, and Travel Reimbursement

Disability Accommodation Request Form-Employment

Disclosure of Employee Relationship with Potential or Existing U of I Vendor

Dissertation Publishing Agreement Form

Doctoral Plan of Study Summary Sheet

Donated Leave for Catastrophic Illness of an Immediate Family Member Application

Donated Leave for Catastrophic Illness of an Employee Application

Dosimeter Change in Service

Dosimeter Request Form

DSHB Order & Compliance Form



E-deposit Access Authorization

Election to Transfer Sick Leave to Vacation

Electronic Prepress Form

Employee Eligibility Verification (I-9)

Equal Opportunity and Diversity Reference Check Template for Professional and Scientific Staff

Equal Opportunity and Diversity Voluntary Self-Identification Form

Equal Opportunity and Diversity Form F Postdoctoral Scholar Recruitment Summary

Equipment on Loan or Demonstration Agreement Form

Essential and Marginal Job Function Analysis



Fleet Safety Program Out-of-State Driver Record Release



General Stores Order Form

Gift Deposit Form

GL Journal Entry Campus Access Request – Workflow Form

GrantDSS Access Request

Green Requisition & MFK Addendum

  • For requisitions going to outside vendors please use the on-line Purchase Requisitions System. Click here for Inter-departmental Requisition e-form for internal requisitions.

GSRA Calculation Worksheet

GSRA Disclosure Statement

GSRA Salary Reduction Agreement



Hepatitis B Vaccination Consent/Decline Form

  • PDF file  (HepatitisVaccineSingleForm_0.pdf)

HR Delegation of Signature Authority form

HR Merit Forms Processing

HR Unit Representative Exit Forms

HRIS Data Entry Form

HRSRG - Compounded Radiopharmaceutical Form

  • PDF file  (HRSRG Compound radio form.pdf)

HRSRG - FDA Approved Radiopharmaceutical Form

HRSRG - Radioactive Material Devices



Improving Our Workplace Award Application

Incident Information Form

All incidents affecting members of the general public, students or others while on campus which you believe could reasonably result in a liability claim against the University should be reported to the Risk Management, Insurance & Loss Prevention Department (not used for University Hospitals and Clinics, auto accidents or workers compensation).

Instrument Calibrations - Radiation

Inter-Departmental Requisition

Internal Transfer of University Equipment  



Job Offer Confirmation Letter (Merit)



Labels: Caution Postings for Labs

  • PDF file  (Labels - Lab Posting signs.pdf)

Labels: Large Hazardous Waste

  • PDF file  (Labels - Large Hazardous Waste.pdf)

Labels: Moving Box Chemical Identification Label

  • PDF file  (Labels - Moving box Chemical Identification Label.pdf)

Labels: Small Hazardous Waste

Labels: Universal Waste - Batteries

Labels: Universal Waste - Lamps

Labels: Universal Waste - Mercury Containing Equipment

Laser Registration for Class 3b and Class 4 Lasers



Mary Jo Small Staff Fellowship Application

  • The electronic application is located within Employee Self-Service. Select the "Personal Tab", and select the "Mary Jo Small Application" located under "Learning & Development".  

Master's Publishing Agreement Form

Monthly Leave and Pay Adjustment Record (Merit)

Monthly Leave and Pay Adjustment Record (P and S / Non-exempt)

Monthly Leave Record (P and S / SEIU / Fiscal Faculty)

Monthly Leave Record (Academic Faculty)

MPRC - Frequently Asked Questions

MRPC - Laser Form for Class 3b & 4 Lasers

MRPC - Long Form Diagnostic

MRPC - Long Form Diagnostic Example

  • PDF file  (HumanUseLongformDiagnosticExample 1-22-14_0.doc)

MRPC - Long Form Therapeutic

MRPC Additional External Radiation Form

MRPC Additional Internal Radiation Form

MRPC Short Form



Non-Doctoral Plan of Study Summary Sheet



Off Campus Use of Property  (instructions)

OfficeMax Order Form

Operations PPE Hazard Assessment



PayCV Campus Access Request – Workflow Form

Payment Authorization

Payroll Voucher

Performance Review

Personal Health Information Release Form

Personal Report Card

PPE: Research Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool

Pregnancy Declaration and Prenatal Radiation Exposure Form

Pre-Interview Report   (instructions)

Product Donation Forms

Professional Services Agreement

Programming Request

Project Art Request Form

ProQuest Revised Publication Guide

ProTrav Acknowledgement of Expenses (NonUI Travelers)

ProTrav Web Application Access Request Form



Radioactive Materials Transferred Off Campus

  • PDF file  (Radioactive Materials Transferred Off Campus.pdf)

Radioactive Materials Transferred On Campus

Recombinant DNA Registration Document UIRIS Link

Remote Access Application

Request/Report for Final Examination: Advanced Degree

  • PDF file (All Ph.D and Master's candidates use this form)

Report of Money Received

Request for Building Renewal of Building or Fixed Equipment

Request for Equipment Allocation

Request for Payment of Health Insurance Contributions for a Temporary Employee

Request for a Procurement Card Limit Increase

Request for Pickup of Chemical Waste

Request for Pickup of Radioactive Waste

Request for Technology Allowance Form

Request for Volunteer Funds

Request for Waiver of Deferred Payment Fee

Request for Waiver of Reinstatement Fee

Request to Test Unknown Chemicals

Return Goods Authorization



Search and Selection Summary

Select Agent Toxin Exemption Declaration

  • PDF file  (PIexemptquantdeclaration_0.pdf)

Select Agent Toxin Inventory Record

  • PDF file  (SelectAgentToxinInventoryRecord.pdf)

Sole Source Purchase Justification

Subaward Sole Source Purchase Justification

Spending Accounts Direct Deposit Form (Payroll/Benefits/Travel)

Spending Account Request For Reimbursement

Sub-contractor's Invoice  (instructions)

Surplus Removal Request Form  (instructions)

Survey of Earned Doctorates



Tax Exempt Form

Thesis First Deposit Checklist

Title Transfer of University Equipment  



UIHC Computer/Peripheral Disposal Form  UIHC USE ONLY

User ID Application

U.S. Army Medical Research and Material Command (USAMRMC) Safety Requirements and Grant Application Assistance

  • Microsoft Word file  (US Army Medical Research and Material Command (USAMRMC) Safety Requirements and Grant Application Assistance.doc)



Vaccinia Vaccination Form

Vendor Application Form (VAF)

Vendor Evaluation Form

Vendor-Owned Inventory Agreement (Consignment Form)



W-4 Withholding Forms

WebCV Campus Access Request – Workflow Form

Wire Transfer Payment Form