The bulk of the Council's work is done by its committees. Student, staff, and faculty who are not on the council are encouraged to work on CSW committees.

In addition, the Council sponsors the University’s Celebration of Excellence and Achievement Among Women. In addition, council members participate in candidate interviews for upper-level positions such as deans, vice presidents, and unit directors. Council members also represent CSW in meetings of the Council on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) Women’s Advocacy Network to exchange information about what’s happening on other Big Ten Campuses.

The CSW Fact Sheet summarizes CSW's mission, initiatives,and impact; it was written when, as part of the Women's Campus Coalition, the CSW chair met with UI President Sally Mason in fall 2007.


The Council was established in 1976 by May Brodbeck, Vice President for Academic Affairs, in response to the 1975 International Women's Year program on Women's education and employment. The Council has proposed campus policies and researched, written, and publish reports that have improved life for women on campus. 

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