Here are a number of resources that may be useful to anyone in the University of Iowa community.

Best Practices

  • This document describes effective conflict management strategies and skills for the entire campus community, with links to additional resources.

Books, Articles and Websites

  • Included are bibliographies of articles and books on conflict management.


  • Several resources on workplace bullying are provided.

Communication Skills

  • Communication skills are critical in effective conflict management.

Confidential Resources

  • A number of offices on campus offer confidential services to students, staff, and/or faculty.

Conflict Description Template

Dealing with Disruptive Individuals

  • This document provides strategies for dealing effectively with disruptive or difficult people.


  • UI departments that may be helpful in managing conflict are listed and described.

PDF iconDirect and Indirect Communication

  • This article describes the differences between direct and indirect communication.


Emotional Intelligence


Resources for People Accused of Violating University Policies


  • UI policies related to conflict management are listed and described.

Recovery from Conflict

  • Strategies for recovering from conflict situations are discussed, with links to additional resources.
  • See also "Recovery from Conflict", p. 75 in the April, 2011, volume of the Journal of the International Ombudsman Association.


  • Resources to support respectful behavior on campus.

Sexual Assault Referral Matrix

  • Resources and referral options for sexual assault survivors.

Social Media

  • Guidelines for use of social media by UI staff.

Time Limits for Filing Grievances

  • This document lists time limits for different grievance processes available to staff, faculty and students.


  • The University of Iowa offers a number of training opportunities in conflict management skills.