Laptop Orchestra at UI

This concert will feature a range of works where the laptop performers will create sonic textures independently and collectively. Sharing musical and performance information across a network, elements of the performance will converge. In contrast, the individual performers will generate material and make musical decisions in real time. The musical compositions represent a variety of artistic styles, from slow undulating tones to energetic music that blends a classical gamelan with aspects of southern rap. In addition to musical elements, dynamic lighting and video elements provide another expressive facet to this evening. Our goal is to situate each work by discussing a bit of the motivation for the concert and to introduce the artistic concepts that each composer is working with.

The performer/coders include Nima Hamidi, Joungmin Lee, Joseph Norman, Carlos Ignacio Toro Tobon, Jonathan Wilson and Christopher Yon. The Laptop Orchestra is directed by Christopher Jette.

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Read the Concert Program.


Season 50 Concert VIII


Saturday, December 12, 2015 - 7:30pm-9:30pm (ended)


Riverside Recital Hall
Iowa City, IA