Recent graduates of the Composition program (as of 4 July 2016)
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Leonid Iogansen, PhD (Gompper)

Joshua Marquez, PhD (Gompper)


Daniel Houglum, PhD (Gompper)
Personnel Manager, Hawaii Symphony Orchestra, Lecturer, University of Hawaii, West Oahu and teaches piano privately.

Jason Palamara, PhD (Gompper)
Adjunct at Iowa State University.

Barry Sharp, MA (Gompper)
Full support to Cornell (NY) for his PhD.!about/c1ktj


Will Huff, PhD (Gompper)
Freelance in Chicago; analyst at the management consulting firm A. Arete.!bio/c1enr

Brian Penkrot, PhD (Gompper)
Adjunct, University of Northern Illinois and Columbia College, Chicago

Aaron Perrine, PhD (Gompper)
Assistant Professor, Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, IA

Justin Comer, MA (Gompper)
Living in Iowa City, working at West Music


Shane Hoose, PhD (Gompper)
Lecturer, Music Industry/Recording Arts, Eastern Kentucky University

Jean-Paul Perrotte, PhD (Fritts)
Lecturer, Department of Music, University of Nevada, Reno; teaches composition, electronic music, and is coordinator of the music theory program at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Stas Omelchenko, PhD (Fritts)
Adjunct professor, Florida Southern College, Patel Conservatory, University of Tampa!about/c1enr


Israel Neuman, PhD (Gompper)
Instructor, Multimedia and Communication, Division of Fine Arts, Iowa Wesleyan College, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

Zach Zubow, PhD (Gompper))
Assistant Professor, Queen’s University of Charlotte, North Carolina

Ryan Cole, MA (Gompper)
Living and working in Texas, Elementary Schools.

Jason Gregory, MA (Gompper)
Private piano teacher

Stephanie Pieczynski, MA (Gompper)
Recent DMA graduate from FSU


Tony Donofrio, PhD (Gompper)
Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska, Kearny

Minpyo Kim, PhD (Gompper)
Assistant Professor, Mokwon University

Christopher Shortway, PhD (Fritts)
Living and working in Cedar Falls, IA.>


Matthew Dotson, PhD (Gompper)
Freelance composer working in Los Angeles

Zachary Fischer, PhD (Gompper)
Lives and works in New Jersey. Still composes on a regular basis. Day job in senior health care.

Aaron Kirschner, BM (Gompper)
Enrolled in the MA composition degree at the University of Utah


Seth Custer, PhD (Gompper)
Assistant Professor, Bob Jones University

Tim Davis, PhD (Gompper)
Works at the Education Development Center, Inc and founder of the Boston New Music Initiative.

David DeVasto, PhD (Gompper)
Assistant Professor, Elmhurst College

Christopher Gainey, PhD (Gompper)
Re-enrolled and fully funded in the music theory PhD program at the University of British Columbia. ABD.

Lieschen Mast, MA, 2009 (Fritts)
Private piano teacher

Daniel Roeder, MA (Fritts)
Private music teacher in California.


John Griffin, PhD (Gompper)
Currently Lecturer, Western Michigan University

Shinjung Kim, PhD (Gompper)
Currently teaches at Hoseo University, South Korea

George Marie, MA (Fritts)
Enrolled in the PhD degree in composition (ABD) at the University of Utah


Brian Vlasak, PhD (Gompper)
Currently re-enrolled at UI in the Writing Center, CLAS

Rachel Foote, MFA (Eckert)
Ensign in the US Coast Guard and Concert Reviews Editor of Journal SEAMUS.

George Hufnagl, MA (Gompper)
Works in sound design for children’s books ( and video games (My Escape). Lives in Chicago.


Luke Dahn, PhD (Gompper)
Previously Associate Professor, Northwestern College, Orange City, IA; left because of cuts to program. Currently Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Utah.

Scott Shoemaker, PhD (Gompper)
Continued to earn a law degree from University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Currently practicing in CR.

Katerina Stamatelos, PhD (Gompper)
Lives and teaches privately in Thessaloniki, Greece

Thomas Judson, MFA (Eckert)
Previously Assistant Professor, Winston Salem State. Independent composer


Joseph Dangerfield, PhD (Gompper)
Previously, Visiting Assistant Professor, West Virginia University; Currently Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Florida.

Evan Kuchar, MA (Gompper)
Currently living in Chicago, and works as a web developer for Granicus and Polymathic

Andrew Struck-Marcell, BM (Gompper & Fritts)
He is currently finishing his PhD in Composition at New York University.

Anne Guthrie, BA (Fritts)
She is a PhD student in Architectural Acoustics at the Renneslauer Institute of Technology.


Yousif Bilal, MA (Fritts)
He is an Assistant Professor of Arabic at the United States Department of Defense Language Institute, where he teaches advanced Arabic through song.


Christopher Brakel, PhD (Gompper)
Formerly on the faculty at the Conservatory of Music of Chapman University.

Dimitri Papageorgiou, PhD (Gompper)
Assistant Professor, Composition, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Erin Gee, MA (Fritts)
She earned her PhD at the University of Graz, Austria. She received the Rome Prize in Composition, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and a commission from the Los Angeles Philharmonic. She has been recently profiled by The New Yorker, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal. She is a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Composition at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.


Alex Lunsqui, MA (Gompper)
Went on to Columbia University for a PhD. Professor of Composition and Theory at the Universidade Estadual Paulista, UNESP.

Katerina Stamatelos, MA (Gompper)
Lives and teaches privately in Thessaloniki, Greece


Marc Weber, PhD (Gompper)
He performs throughout LA, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Kern Counties.

Mark Chubb, MA (Gompper)
Pelzer Prize. Teaching at Morehouse College.


John Allemeier, PhD (Gompper)
He currently teaches composition and music theory at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Jon Southwood, MA (Gompper)
He is a composer and performer in Eastern Iowa and involved with the Iowa Composers Forum


Ching-chu Hu, MA (Gompper)
Went to the U of Michigan for his DMA, now full professor of Composition and Theory and was recently named the Richard Luicer Endowed Professor.

David Maki, MA (Gompper)
Enrolled at the U of Michigan for his DMA, now Associate Professor of composition and Assistant Director, School of Music at Northern Illinois University.