Dear Hawkeye,

Welcome to The University of Iowa on behalf of the Army ROTC Program. As you transition to The University of Iowa, consider the opportunity to take classes in the Army ROTC Program. You can do so with no further obligation to serve in the US Army. Our classes offer you the opportunity to learn more about the Army and develop skills to serve you as a student on campus.

First, we offer leadership training and physical fitness.  First-year students can register for the following courses without further military obligation:

MILS:1010 (023:101) – Leadership and Personal Development. A one-hour elective credit hour course designed to provide you information on leadership principles and develop personal skills to enhance your experience as a student.

MILS:1090 (023:090) – Leadership Lab. A zero-hour elective credit hour course expanding on basic soldiering skills.

MILS:1095 (023:095) – Advanced Military Fitness. Developed around the Army’s Physical Fitness Training Program, this course offers one hour of elective credit.

Second, we offer training, experience, and camaraderie found only in Iowa’s Army ROTC program.  Our cadets enjoy a full range of Army training and social experiences; including color guard activities at home football games, Ranger Challenge Team, the annual Military Dining-out, and our Homecoming activities – just to name a few.

Third, we also offer scholarship opportunities to qualified individuals seeking the opportunity to become Army Officers. The scholarships provide full tuition (in-state or out-state), $1,200 per year for books & incidental expenses, and a tax-free monthly stipend starting at $300 as a first-year student.

If you are already a member of the National Guard or Army Reserve, you may qualify to become a member of our Simultaneous Membership Program. As a drilling member of your unit, you will train with a junior leader in an effort to develop essential leadership skills and ultimately commission as an officer.

If you would like more details before you register, please call (319) 601-6861 / (319) 335-9187 or email us at  To learn more about our program, join our Facebook page – University of Iowa Army ROTC.

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