On May 2, 2017 desktop receiving will be enhanced in the E-Pro system accessible through Employee Self-Service.  The improved functions were designed based on campus feedback and focus group input.  Improvements include receiving emails notifications when supplier invoices are available online for review, a new modern design with easy access to worklists with invoices requiring receiving, and an overall simplified process for receiving.

More details about all the new enhancements and training classes can be found PDF iconHERE and online in the new system on May 2nd.  An updated guide to receiving is also available PDF iconHERE


Implementation Team

Project Lead | Debby Zumbach | Director of Purchasing

  • John Watkins
  • Denise Hyche
  • Karen Housel
  • Dani Weber
  • Chris Leichty

IT Programmers

  • Jason Heath
  • Ben O'Brien
  • David Miller

Focus Group

  • Doug Eltoft
  • Bob Krogmeier
  • Kirby Luckett
  • Ruth Medd
  • Kris Miller
  • Jennifer Partida
  • Julie Roberts
  • Cindy Rohret
  • Lela Schumacher
  • Kevin Singleman
  • Rhonda Wetjen
  • Michele Worrell


November 11

We showed the group the new Receiving Inbox and receipt examples.  The Inbox will offer options for Purchase Order or Voucher view and a drop-down to sort by match exceptions, partially and not received, and capital equipment. They liked the improved navigation and ease of entering a receipt.  Receiving against vouchers will default with quantities and amounts resulting in fewer errors.  


FileePro Receiving Meeting 3


  • Receiving Enhancements
  • Receiving Demo
  • Timeline
  • Questions/Next Steps

July 28

FileePro Receiving Meeting 2


  • Review Focus Group Suggestions
  • Receiving Mock-up Demo
  • Color Scheme Choice
  • Timeline
  • Questions/Next Steps

First Meeting was June 3rd.

FileePro Receiving Kickoff Slides


  • Introductions
  • Project Overview
    • Scope
    • Project Phases
  • Current Electronic Receiving
    • What works well?
    • What changes would be helpful?
  • Questions/Next Steps