What is eBuy?

eBuy is an easy-to-use central web-based shopping site. eBuy is accessible to all UI employees for the procurement of goods from select contracted suppliers. eBuy simultaneously streamlines the procurement process and promotes “best value” pricing. The eBuy system has been successfully implemented many of the Big 10 schools with proven cost savings.

eBuy is the a key procurement tool for the University. Be assured you get the best contract price from UI’s preferred suppliers.

eBuy can be accessed via the University Self Service web site by clicking on the Administration tab and navigating to the E-Pro (E-Vouchers & PReqs) link.

eBuy creates an entirely electronic process from procurement to payment, reducing redundant data entry and human error. Spend less time processing paper work and searching for products. Instead spend more time doing valuable research on behalf of the University. Buying for a research lab has never been easier!

eBuy Supported Browsers

Please note:  All punch-out catalogs may not support browsers below.

​eBuy Suppliers




Furniture and Office Supplies

Office Depot


Lab Supplies

Fisher Scientific
Dot Scientific
Thermo Fisher Life Technologies
EMD Millipore Corp
New England Biolabs
Perkin Elmer
Mettler-Toledo Rainin
Sigma Aldrich


WW Grainger
Crescent Electric

 eBuy Upcoming Suppliers

PSC Distribution


eBuy Roles

Here are some simple definitions for eBuy roles. More detail is available in our training materials. Please note, these roles are not mutually exclusive.

Shopper: Typically the end-user of the item ordered. This person fills a shopping cart with items and usually assigns the cart to their designated Requester for processing.

Requester: This is the person designated by your department to process orders on your behalf. They have an understanding of the appropriate use of the MFKs supporting your work.