Purchasing Agent - Josh Hannan 384-3342
Category Code - 76122300

On-Site Information Destruction

Vendor Number 0000754566
Sales Representative Tom Saylor
Email tsaylor@onsiteshred.com
Phone Number 260-494-5676 (Mobile) Customer Service: 319-233-8200
Contract # 17397, RFP# 17054
Term of Contract through 3/31/2021 with 2 additional 1 year extensions
Confidential Document Destruction Key Access Form In unique situations department’s require key access to the confidential document destruction bin(s) that are housed in their building.  Due to the confidential nature of the documents in these bins only one department user is permitted to hold a key.  To obtain a key please have the form below submitted for review, upon full execution the contracted supplier will be authorized to provide a key to the requesting user. PDF iconconfidential_document_destruction_bin_key_access_form.pdf