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Category Code 99990007

DB Schenker

Purchases of supplies and equipment from companies located outside the United States can present unique requirements.  Departments should consult with the Purchasing Department prior to placing orders or shipping items outside the U.S. if there are any questions related to Customs Broker services.


Express carriers like FedEx and UPS will normally employ internal brokers to have items clear U.S. and another country’s customs. If a carrier requests that you sign a form which allows you to approve their customs broker, send the form to the Purchasing Department for approval and signature. These forms usually ask the University to sign over its power of attorney to the broker.


The University of Iowa has contracted with DB Schenker for customs brokerage. The average price for per clearance is typically around $125 but this fee can vary depending on the classification of items and in some cases may be much higher.  There may also be additional shipping charges to get the item(s) from the Port of Entry to the University.  Shipping charges will also vary depending on required delivery timeline, method of shipment and size. Contact information for DB Schenker is below if customs broker services are needed.


Vendor Number 0000908009
Sales Representative Schenker ATL Brokerage Group (primary), Sheri Buckley (secondary),  Scott Scharff (Sales Rep)
E-Mail universityimports@dbschenker.com; Sheri.Buckley@dbschenker.com;  scott.scharff@dbschenker.com
Phone Number 678-489-9790
Contract # 16009
Term of Contract 1/31/2022 with an additional 5 years extension