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Bio Rad 
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Vendor Number 0000103492
Sales Representative Jeanette Kivlin
Phone Number 800-876-3425 ext. 1812
Contract # 8530, RFP# 14950
Term of Contract through 12/31/2018
Contract Pricing/Agreement Description Order through eBuy

D.A.I. Scientific

Vendor Number 0000106805
Sales Representative Bryan Lampe
Phone Number 314-308-2745
Contract # 8504
Term of Contract from 01/01/2014 - 12/31/2018

EMD Millipore-Order through eBuy

Vendor Number 0000116355
Sales Representative Ivan Kamyshko & Deborah Becker
Phone Number Ivan 414-469-4066 ; Deborah 815-901-4129
Contract # 8528
Term of Contract 01/01/2014 -12/31/2018

Frey Scientific

Vendor Number 0000109314
Sales Representative Amy Fuss
Phone Number 920-243-5035
Contract # 8526
Term of Contract 01/01/2014-12/31/2018

GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences Corporation

Vendor Number 0000470309
Sales Representative Jeremy Cain
Phone Number 618-340-3138
Contract # 8527
Term of Contract 01/01/2014 -12/31/2018


Vendor Number 0000446964
Sales Representative Sharon Bachman
Phone Number 217-621-2194
Contract # 8525
Term of Contract 01/01/2014 -12/31/2018

Laboratory Supply Company (Now part of McKesson)

Vendor Number 0000114031
Sales Representative Jim Loes
Phone Number 319-551-2216
Contract # 8524
Term of Contract 01/01/2014 -12/31/2018

LabStrong Corporation

Vendor Number 0000631615
Sales Representative Kristin Buchholtz
Phone Number 563-588-8900
Contract # 8523
Term of Contract 01/01/2014 -12/31/2018

Life Technologies (ThermoFisher Scientific) - Order through eBuy

Vendor Number 0000112325
Sales Representative Pat Staber
Phone Number 319-400-6386
Contract # 8522
Term of Contract 01/01/2014 -12/31/2018

New England Biolabs Inc.
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Or several stores units throughout campus also carry New England BioLab Products

Vendor Number 0000117632
Sales Representative Faraz Haidari
Phone Number 301-514-5272
Contract # 8521, RFP# 14950
Term of Contract through 12/31/2018
Contract Pricing/Agreement Description 20% discount; 30% for lab startup

NuAire Inc.

Vendor Number 0000118086
Sales Representative John Erikson
Phone Number 866-522-1384 ext. 104
Contract # 11682
Term of Contract through 6/30/2018 with 2 additional 1 year extensions
Contract Pricing/Agreement Description Contract for Class II type A, Class II type B and Horizontal Laminar Flow Biological Safety Cabinets and accessories at a 22% discount.

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Vendor Number 0000119997
Sales Representative Lesley Tomlin, Robert Schaefer
Phone Number 314-210-0578 (Lesley), 618-402-1027 (Robert)
Contract # 8520, RFP#14950
Term of Contract through 12/31/2018
Contract Pricing/Agreement Description Order through eBuy

Rainin - Order Through eBuy

Vendor Number 0000321749
Sales Representative Mike Paler
Phone Number 630-815-9578
Contract # 8490
Term of Contract 01/01/2014 -12/31/2018

Roche Diagnostics - Life Sciences Division

Vendor Number 0000103772
Sales Representative Meg Yeardon
Phone Number 317-476-5390
Contract # 8468
Term of Contract 01/01/2014-12/31/2018

Sigma-Aldrich Inc
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Vendor Number 0000121685
Sales Representative Ivan Kamyshko
Phone Number 414-469-4066
Contract # 8519, RFP# 14950
Term of Contract through 12/31/2018


Shipping Information

Sigma-Aldrich is offering a free shipping program for the University of Iowa. This program will enable all orders from U of Iowa to receive a waiver of the shipping fee, overnight fee, ice fee and other handling fees.

Exceptions to this program are the following:

  • Deliveries of hazardous materials in which it is determined by Sigma-Aldrich that a certified courier of hazardous cargo is required for shipment. In such an event, U of Iowa shall be responsible for all freight and handling charges required for delivery, and Sigma-Aldrich shall notify U of Iowa of such charges in advance.
  • Deliveries of Instrumentation.
  • Deliveries of Aldrich Market Select Service materials (drug discovery HTS compounds) due to customs and sourcing costs for this service.
  • Exceptional fees for regulated items, example DEA free fro regulated drug substances.

USA Scientific

Vendor Number 0000124033
Sales Representative Sabine Rudolph
Phone Number 715-531-8146
Contract # 8443
Term of Contract 01/01/2014-12/31/2018