Purchasing Agent - Beth Cawiezell 319-335-0305
Category Code - 99990002 (Equipment), 41100000 (Supplies)

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Fisher Scientific
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Vendor Number 0000109029
Sales Representatives Bill Link, Molly McDowell, Megan Ostrom (UIHC)
Emails bill.link@thermofisher.com, molly.mcdowell@thermofisher.com, megan.ostrom@thermofisher.com
Phone Numbers 309-472-3032 (Bill), 319-481-7679 (Molly), 563-271-8318 (Megan)
Contract # 14201  RFP# 15746
Term of Contract through 11/14/2021 with 2 optional 1 year extensions
Contract Pricing/Agreement Description IBA contract #IBA061020-SS
Shipping Standard free shipping is offered as part of this agreement
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Additional Details for Fisherbrand Guarantee

  • Customers may return any Fisherbrand product within 30 days of purchase under $1,000 (list price) for full refund ** Some exclusion will apply and they can be found at the following site www.fishersci.com\fisherbrandguarantee
  • How the process works: Once the customer tries the product and if they decide it needs to be returned they MUST complete the redemption form.  - This form can be found at www.fishersci.com\fisherbrandguarantee , or by calling customer service and referencing they would like to take advantage of the Fisherbrand guarantee.
  • Once the form is submitted it will be electronically sent to CCG.Fisherbrandguarantee@thermofisher.com for validation and processing. This step is done because we must review the form and validate that the customer is not a Health Care Provider.
  • After completing the validation the reviewer will either inform the customer that they not eligible to participate in the program because of their HCP status or will forward the request for credit to customer service to process.
  • Customer service will process the credit and send a return email when the credit is complete.

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Vendor Number 0000124550
Sales Representative Ian Cawley
Email ian.cawley@vwr.com
Phone Number 319-800-9227
Contract # 14347  RFP# 15746
Term of Contract through 11/14/2021 with 2 optional 1 year extensions