Guide for Freight Shipping

Freight Definition:  Items weighing at least 150 pounds are considered freight shipments, packages less than 150 are considered express shipments.

Preferred Long Haul Vendors

Preferred Short Haul Vendor

  • Dohrn (
    • 800-747-0723
    • 800-747-3506 (rate quotes)
    • 309-558-2254 (billing questions)

On-Line Access:  YRC and FedEx Freight provide on-line access for creating labels, tracking shipments and ordering supplies.  Dohrn provides on-line tracking information.  For these services you will need to register as a user, if you need assistance contact our office.

Payment Method:  YRC and FedEx currently accept procurement card payment.  This is the most cost effective method for payment.  Dohrn will send the department an invoice, and then an E-Voucher will need to be created for payment.

Questions on freight, contact Pam Nixon 335-0655.